PR Stunt from Big Fat Lottos

PR Stunt from Big Fat Lottos: Big Fat to Thin Brides

Every bride’s wedding day should be an occasion to celebrate and feel special. However, for the five million women in the UK who try to lose weight before their wedding day, there can be added pressure to look their very best whilst walking down the aisle.

As well as being given all the help and support they need to lose weight and gain a healthier lifestyle, one of the contestants will win a massive £5,000 cash prize towards the cost of their wedding day. The winner will be the bride-to-be who loses the largest percentage of her original weigh-in total by the end of the six-month period.

At least that’s how the boys over at bigfatlottos are trying to sell this. Well don’t get us wrong we are expecting that it will do well and be a successful marketing campaign.

The competition is said to be inspired by Rob Hutchinson from Online Bingo Club’s similar competition to sponsor a wedding dress from a few years ago. We asked the owner of a similar site his thoughts on the contest. The owner of a reviewer of online bingo sites said “well it’s cheeky, if not bordering on offensive, which is why the industry will love this. I’ll be surprised if it’s not a massive success.”

A website dedicated to covering the contestant’s progress will be launching soon. Each bride-to-be will keep a video diary to chart her weight loss progress. These videos will be available to view shortly, along with tips and information on how to lose weight healthily.

Big and beautiful brides-to-be of Britain can enter the competition by emailing their name, city, wedding date and current weight to Entrants must have a wedding planned for 2014 and be a UK resident. Further Terms and Conditions apply.