Online Gambling Now Legal in Three States

Many are not familiar with the term ‘online gambling.’ The trend seems to be growing as many stray away from land based casinos; they are seeking out alternative methods for gaming. Online casinos may be the perfect fit for some players as it gives them the ability to play all of the games found in land based casinos with the addition of better perks and promotions without the hassle of crowds and lines. Now, there are a total of three states which are in the process of regulating online gambling and are opening online casinos from within their state.

The majority of the reason states are now looking to this form of gambling is the fact that it can create billions in revenue for citizens as well as the state itself. Some complain about crime around casinos, this will also help in that aspect as well. Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey have now legalized online gaming for its residents. This not only allows them to gamble from within the state free and clear but it extends an offer to existing casinos and other companies to open online casinos of their own.

  • Delaware

Delaware legalized online gambling and it was the first in 2012 to pass their laws. The state is home to around 900,000 people. This will create revenue for the state. It’s no wonder this state of all would be the first to pass such laws as it is one of the loosest in the nation when it comes to gambling regulations. Delaware currently does not offer any online casinos that are operated from its state but players may see some soon.

  • Nevada

Nevada was the next to legalize online gambling in its state. Since the beginning, Nevada is the first destination world-wide for gaming. Here, the majority of those who will open online casinos will be land based casinos. Some may feel that this will hurt the casinos and resorts however the state did the math and realized that they could be pulling in around $4 billion to $10 billion per year in increased revenue. Throughout the process casinos will first need to file for a license to operate an online casino which is the lengthiest part. Fees for holding a license will also be very steep as well.

  • New Jersey

New Jersey and Nevada have been rivals for a very long time. Both are competing tourist destinations for those seeking out fortune so it’s no wonder New Jersey followed right behind Nevada when it came to the legalization measures. New Jersey was already in the works of finding gambling methods away from the gaming floor. The Borgata Hotel Spa & Casino recently rolled out Betting from Bed, a program which players will be able to bet from the comfort of their own hotel suite. This can be great for those who are waiting on guests, relaxing in their room or just wanted to stay in for a change.