Omni Casino Hot Seat October Promo Returns This Year

If you haven’t known yet, Omni Casino’s Hot Seat October Promotion is one of the most popular gambling promotions in the entire online gambling industry. It has been voted and recognized by many as the most generous month-long promo by a site because it guarantees big, big prizes without the need of investing much on the casino games. Playing at the casino as though it’s just a plain normal gaming day would already suffice. Moreover, the fact that this promotion grants players the chance to earn extra bonuses on top of the normal-day bonuses and promotions is simply one thing most commendable about this feat. Let us take a look at the four-one-one of this promotion.

Availing Omni Casino’s Hot Seat October Promotion is very east since the promo itself has pretty straight-forward terms. For the entire month of October – all 31 days inclusive – there will be certain requirements players must comply with. Upon complete compliance, players will be awarded with Hot Seat Points. For a minimum of five Hot Seat Points, players will be guaranteed with cash bonuses without any wagering requirement. However, this cash bonus can only be redeemed at the beginning of November.

There are several ways to earn Hot Seat Points but the easiest way is by picking up $1,250 in total wagers for the month of October. The Hot Seat points are cumulative, so the more a player earns these points, the better the chances of securing a bonus at the end of the month. For players who will get a total of around 5 to 6 points, they will receive $15 for the points. For those with 7 up to 11 points, they are entitled of receiving $40 while those between 12 and 17 points will be awarded with $105. The prize then continues to soar. For those with 18 to 22 points, they will receive $215. As for those with 23 to 27 points, they can obtain $330 in cash bonus. Finally, for players who can obtain 28 or more points for the entire promo period, they can bring home the biggest cash prize that’s worth $500. And again, the best part about this October promo is it entitles players to avail these bonuses on top of the regular promotions available at the casino.

October is indeed the month of joy for Omni Casino players. The casino is by far on of the most generous online gambling site to offer big cash bonuses for the first month of the fourth quarter. Aside from that, the casino’s regular promotions and bonuses are still available to everyone’s liking. Combining the two will open the doors to unlimited cool promotions. For those interested of this Hot Seat October Promotion, visit for more details. The live support staff members are more than eager to help out any time of the day.

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