New Online Casino Slots Review

It is not often that a different kind of slot machine for online casinos emerges with a variety of features and still has an inviting, fun to play theme. It is even less often that the new slots can be played for real money. This is where Spirit of the Inca breaks the standard mold. It is the best of progressive slots and feature packed bonus round slots combined surrounded by the rich culture of the Incas. “Eight hundred steps lead to the top of the Incan temple. The journey will lead you up toward the blazing hot sun, but the climb will hopefully be well worth it. At the top of the stairs lay the Spirit of the Inca guards and the treasures of countless generations. Gold, gems, jewels and multiple six figure jackpots are waiting for you to claim them! RTG’s new online casino slot machine Spirit of the Inca has tons of excitement for progressive jackpot hunters and regular video slot players alike.

The first thing you will notice about Spirit of the Inca is five huge jackpots clearly visible at the top of the game. These “boiling point” jackpots must pay out before they reach their respective limits. Even the lowest tier jackpot was more than the cost of a luxury car. The smallest of the five, called a “mini jackpot” is guaranteed to pay out before reaching its boiling point of $100k. The larger ones get up to the millions. This 25 line slot machine costs at least fifty cents to play with max lines and $5.00 being the max possible bet. With nearly a million dollars available in combined jackpot wins, the possibility to take home multiple progressive jackpots with one spin makes it very exciting to play. When you are spinning the Spirit of the Inca, there are a couple of main symbols that you’ll be hoping to see. The Incan Spirit and the Priestess are your friends. Together they are guarding the temple from thieves and those who would ravage the sacred treasures. They also seek to guide those worthy enough to find the gold and riches. If you get enough of them you will surly receive a share of the treasures they protect.

The Incan Spirit is the highest pay symbol and acts as both a wild and a scatter symbol. When the Incan Spirit appears in any row, he becomes animated and grows to fill the whole reel. He then blocks his enemies with his sun emblazoned golden shield. Wielding his sword he lets out a battle-cry telling the undeserving they are not welcome while showing the worthy with wins. The bonus feature is triggered by the Incan Spirit appearing on the first reel and the last reel (aka reels 1 and 5). The regular scatter is represented by a raven-haired priestess. You need at least three scatter symbols in order to win double your bet. It can be any combination of Priestess and Incan Spirit symbols. Of course, if you get four or five scatter symbols the payout would be substantially larger. The highest line win would be 2100x bet if you got all 5 Incan Spirits. However, as per the rules, “The maximum win per paid spin, other than progressive jackpots, is 50,000x bet per line.” I can live with $50k on a $1 bet.

The bonus feature is fairly standard but has the potential to win in some unique ways. When activated by the Incan Spirit on reels 1 and 5, the 15 slots on the face of the game panel become covered with glyphs. You get to choose five of these glyphs to reveal the bonuses you will receive while playing the feature. There are free games, of course, but also there are chances to win extra wilds, sticky wilds, and entire reel wilds. One of the picks in the feature always gives you a multiplier increasing the line wins during the free spins that follow. Once you complete your five picks the free spins will begin and include a chance to trigger a boiling point jackpot at the end of the bonus.

This new jackpot feature is different because it is the first time that more than a single jackpot can be won with just one spin. Multiple jackpots can trigger and the end of any paid spin. In addition, multiple jackpots could reach their boiling points on the same spin as well. This would be extremely rare and has not happened yet, but the game is new and in time it should payback a lot of money. Also, this game requires the least amount of money per spin to be eligible as compared to other progressive slots online. The money counters on each of the five jackpots; mini, maxi, minor, major, and grand, display how much of the jackpot has accumulated so you always know how close each one is to its boiling point. This makes it easy to maximize your payout percentage by playing when one or more jackpots are close to their boiling points. Realtime Gaming (RTG) confirms that the larger the amount of your spin, the greater the odds a jackpot will trigger. Betting with fewer lines will eliminate the eligibility of individual jackpots starting with the grand progressive first. The jackpot icon will simply become grayed out signifying it is not available with your current betting structure.

Although I tend to be a high roller, I could see how any slots player could easily get caught up in the excitement of five huge jackpots waiting to erupt with only fifty cent minimum bets. Spirit of the Inca is the only low roller friendly progressive I could find online and is fast becoming one of the best for all types of players. The jackpots, although climbing closer to their boiling points with every spin do accumulate rather slowly. Impatient types of players might want to enjoy a more feature focused game, but if you have the bank roll I would go for it. I used an online casino welcome bonus to get more money to play with on my first deposit. That allowed me to get enough spins in to write this review and I appreciated the extra free chips. Even though hitting a jackpot is rare and random, I’d much rather have the chances at winning more than one at a time. Also, with the million dollar factor considered as well as the fact that all five are just enormous individually, I could live comfortably in the Caribbean for at least a few months even if I just hit only one. Someone has to win a jackpot before it hits the boiling point and I honestly hope it is me because I love vacations even more than I love casino slots.