New Slot Game – Outta This World!

If you’re gearing up for something new, you can hit the refresh button with Outta This World! A new slot game that is very forgiving with the bonus features, exciting reels and graphics unlike any other online casino slot game. Make your outer space fantasies a reality with this game while sitting on the couch, on a park bench or poolside even!

This mobile slot game welcomes players to anything but ordinary outer limits type of gaming. With it’s responsive and detail-oriented game behavior, you can take the game on the go with you, anywhere from your smart phone or tablet. The game is great for players who just want to get in on the gaming for a few seconds, or a few hours.

While traditional online slots are being phased out by the new and exciting 3D games, this one has a little bit of both as players will have ample bonuses and features which allow players to get excited for a surprise that can drop at any time. Players will enjoy the fact that this game is based around the traditional styles of slot games however, they will also have some very modernized features.

If you’re into aliens and all things orbits, this is just the casino game for you! Players will have the opportunity to unleash their inner nerd. The images and sounds, icons and game play are stellar for anyone looking to really come up on some fun times.

On top of the spinning reels and the ability to win some cash with every spin that way, players will have the ability to get excited about the possibility of winning a progressive jackpot. The jackpot is triggered when the player hits a series of different combinations coded into the game to land a progressive jackpot win.

During game play, there is a soundtrack that helps intensify the emotions endured during game play. Players will have wild cards and free spins which will add to all of the thrills and excitement of the game play. When playing the games, look out for the black holes as once the player lines those up, they will have a choice of ten planets to choose from in a special bonus feature. If a player picks the right one, they will blast off for a massive reward especially for them.

The best thing about this game isn’t just the fun themes and bonuses, but the fact that it’s the total package with the ability to even play from any device a player might decide upon such as a computer, tablet or smart phone too!