Nevada + Delaware = Interstate Gaming Deal

What’s better than playing casino games? Playing casino games online! But this gets even better, now that Nevada and Delaware just two of the states legalizing this great entertainment type, have legalized the online gaming form of poker, they are now teaming up to make an inter-state gambling structure which allows players to sign up and play against other players either from their state or from Nevada or Delaware. This is a good option for many different reasons. Now, players will have a bigger market to play against, the world of online gaming is steadily evolving and these states stand a chance to make even more profit than they originally would.

Delaware was the very first state to legalize online gaming within their state. Players would have the ability to simply log onto their computer, pick the game of choice and make a deposit using their debit card or credit card. Since Delaware is a smaller state, there may not be enough competition. So Nevada, who also offers online poker comes to Delaware asking if they would like to participate in this great new idea they have. The states also asked New Jersey who declined to say whether they would be signing the paperwork along with the other two. Regardless, the law and structure of this new program will allow for the easy addition of more states to come.

Currently, there are as many as ten other states who are looking to sign on to online gambling. California, Texas and mostly eastern states all have ideas swirling on how they can create a bill that will get passed and will benefit everyone. The reason online gaming was passed almost instantly in Nevada was due to the fact that the state was losing billions each year to over seas online casinos. This money could count for revenue that is brought into the state to go toward better schools, roadwork and other publicly funded entities.

The paperwork for the new program is out of the way and completed, the next step to getting this program out there and opened to the public is to set up the software which is a big thing. In New Jersey, their online casino software was offered before the end of 2013 however, the software wasn’t completely perfect which left many players in the dark. Since the internet gambling bill was only offered in New Jersey, players who lived by the border were being left out because their internet service provider was coming up as a company that was beyond the borders of the state. This is something Nevada and Delaware want to avoid at all costs so they will take extra precautions when rolling out their software for the first time. It isn’t said when the new frontier of gaming will be ready for players but it can be expected to be soon!