Mobile Sky Vegas Casino launched

Mobile Sky Vegas Casino launched

BSkyB’s largest and most popular online casino division, Sky Vegas Casino has launched its all-new, cutting edge mobile gaming platform last December 12, 2012. This advanced mobile version of Sky Vegas Casino is said to be fully=packed with great feats. For one, it allows customers to delight over and enjoy their favorite gambling games of the casino through their tablets, smartphones, and other devices. Not only will this come in handy for people on the go, it will also bring the gaming experience a whole new level as the games are now fully functional in touch screen gadgets and devices.

The mobile application was originally launched last December 6th, but hit national release on the 12th. According to critics and press releases made by Sky Vegas owners, the mobile app will run in a very smooth and intuitive pace in every smartphone, tablet, and other gadgets , all thanks to its superior and state-of-the-art software that took a long time to be perfected and finished. The software is powered by HTML-5 which comes in adjustable settings and other advanced functionality. One of which is the swipe screen gesture that directs a player to his account right away. According to Sky Vegas owners, the application is available for download from the website of the casino itself. The download and installation of the application requires only a few clicks and set-up can be done in as fast as a couple of seconds. Upon successful installation, players can freely access the casino’s gaming suite, which includes the advanced mobile slots, mobile blackjack, mobile monopoly multiplier, and mobile roulette, among others. “With a vast selection of games already adapted for mobile use, it’s no great surprise more titles are due to enter the fray in the coming months,” stated by the casino’s spokesperson in a press release.

In addition, the app is made available for 24/7 access. Players from across the country can access their accounts readily anywhere and anytime of the day, for an uninterrupted gaming experience like no other. According to the press release of the casino, “the application opens a new chapter for Sky Vegas, one appealing to gamers on the move as well as those playing at home. 2013 sets to be another record breaking year for mobile gambling, which has boomed thanks to the surge in smartphone usage.”

The mobile platform was actually made possible through the collaboration of Sky Vegas with OpenBet. “We have had a long and successful partnership with Sky Vegas and today’s announcement underlines our ability to grow with our customers ad ensure that they have the underlying technology and support to develop their offering using the latest technology while ensuring that the end users receive a seamless gaming experience.

Gary Wimbride, the head of Sky Vegas Casino’s partnership endeavor with OpenBet, was also the one who made triggered the realization of this project. It can be said that his determination and positive outlook towards the numerous possibilities and opportunities in today’s advanced world greatly helped the success of the mobile platform’s launching. In his statement, he shared that the two companies have always been very loyal to one another, leading to successful cutting edge outputs since then and furthermore. In his final statement, Wimbridge shared that he is very eager to produce and create a product that will surely deliver the kind of quality service every customer is entitled of enjoying.