Microgaming unveils new slots for QuickFire Platform

Microgaming unveils new online slots game for its QuickFire Platform

Microgaming, one of the top-of-the-line casino software provider and developer has formally announced and launched its new online slots powered by its latest platform QuickFire. The said platform is the latest one designed by the company to cater to and stretch its compatibility in terms of supporting third-party games and other software provider-developed games. It is said that Microgmaing will be releasing three new games; all inspired and set to capture the Las Vegas feel of big-time casinos.

According to inside sources, the new games were developed and designed by the Genesis Gaming studio for the QuickFire platform of Microgaming alone. The games are: Royal Roller, Disco Night Fright, and Journey of the Sun.

Royal Roller, the first game amongst the three is actually a 25-payline, 5-reel video slots game. It has an added feat of offering roulette free spins to its players. This game is designed to depict the vibrant, enchanting, and brightly-lit beauties of Las Vegas. The game requires very good strategizing since it compels players to climb up the ranks or improve their skills in order for them to reach the royalty level, similar to a real-life Vegas winner. On the other hand, the Disco Fright Night is very similar to Royal Roller, only that it has an odd zest for dark humor because of its werewolf theme and antics. In this game, players can enjoy the game for long hours most especially that they are entitled of enjoying 10 free spins if they can transform all of the Disco Dancer symbols into Disco werewolves.

Finally, the last game amongst the three new offerings of Microgaming is Journey to the Sun, a 25-payline, and 5-reel video slot game that runs under the same platform. It has an Egyptian theme and the symbols of the reels are in hieroglyphics to embody the ancient Egypt. It also has a free spin feature that is referred to as Senet, a board game patterned from the famous Egyptian game under the same name. By playing this board game, players can gain a number of free spins, which they can apparently use whilst playing the main slots game.

Since QuickFire is becoming a popular platform, it is not surprising that the games will be made available to a number of online casinos including Jack Gold Online Casino, a Locus Gaming-licensed site. It is said that these new games along with the many QuickFire supported games are highly compatible for access and use by mobile and tablet users. The receptive design of the platform makes these games even more enjoyable no matter what type of device players’ use. Hence, Microgaming projects a greater demand for the games in the marketplace especially now that they are not only accessible through personal computers and laptops. Hence, players who are always on the go will definitely enjoy these games. On a final note, Locus Gaming CEO, Ed Andrews opines, “Microgaming content offers such variety, that we believe it will not only appeal to our existing customer base but it will also be instrumental in attracting new players to the site.” Now, players are more than excited to see these three games in the works.