Las Vegas Palms running drugs – lawsuit


The Las Vegas Palms, an iconic member of Las Vegas. So identifiable, a smaller version was recreated in Southern California. The Palms casino is now facing over $1 million in fines including $78,000 for the cost of the investigation. It has been reported that the casino was offering services such as prostitutes, cocaine, and other prescription pain killers. The casino is shocked and disappointed by the findings of undercover agents.

Breaking the law at the Palms

Just recently, news broke for the Palms casino which included information on the casino facing a $1 million lawsuit surrounding drugs, prostitutes and other services not typically offered by the casino. The Palms Casino is now facing not only the fines set fourth by the state but also the investigation fees.

The Palms casino is an iconic part of Las Vegas. Known for many different things it features a 95,000 square foot facility with a 2,500 concert hall and of course, a casino. In total there are 653 rooms which offer players luxury accommodations. The Palms is located off the strip but attracts more visitors than some of the hotels location directly on the strip. Here, players and guests usually range from 21-39 in age.

Many visitors are enticed by the happenings in the Fantasy Tower which is home to the Moon Nightclub and Rain Nightclub as seen on many different TV shows. Sky Villas and Fantasy Suites are some of the most expensive hotel suites around the world. The Sky Villa features two stories which come with a price tag at around $35,487 per night. These luxury accommodations are rated number 5 on the World’s 15 Most Expensive Hotel Suites.

The Palms Hotel opened in July of 1999 during the Fiesta casino expansion. In 2000 the building of the hotel commenced and construction was completed by 2001. Here, players were welcomed on November 15th 2001 where it drew a massive crowd with guests such as Dennis Rodman, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton and Samuel L. Jackson to name a few.

Recently the Palms Casino made the news for a more shameful topic. The casino is now facing $1 Million in fines which have been said will be paid by the casino. The fines stem from a drug operation which was taking place within the casino. The allegations include prostitution, drugs, cocaine and prescription painkillers. Undercover agents were sent to the hotel and were supplied with all of these different things. One of the employees in the nightclub offered to sell the agents $18,000 worth of cocaine in one operation.

In a recent statement from a spokesman for the Palms, disappointment and concern were two of the terms used to describe their feelings about the outcome of this investigation. The Palms will be facing $1 million when approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission and then also $78,000 for investigation expenses incurred during the operations.