Ivey Launches New Poker Site

Ivey Launches New Poker Site

Phil Ivey, a professional American player born Phillip Dennis Ivey Jr., recently launched a social media poker site under his name. After winning eight World Series of Poker bracelets, a title for the World Poker Tour, and nine appearances in the World Poker Tour final rounds, it is not surprising that Ivey finally opened a social media poker site called IveyPoker.com to pay everything forward.

According to Ivey the site is intended to teach players the proper way of playing poker by saying that he wants “to teach the world how to play better.” It will also provide them the chance to play in a virtual realm with some of the biggest names in the poker industry.

“People aren’t learning how to play… You see people just going on there and playing, but not really learning how to play the right way. What we’re doing here is teaching people how to become a winning poker player. I think a lot of people really don’t know how to play poker, and I think this is going to be an opportunity to play with the best players in the world,” Ivey quipped when asked about his motivation on building the site.

Ivey said that in order for the site to really work for the best, it needed the best players on its team that is why he has gathered some of the world-renowned players of his time. In relation to this, Greg Merson, another popular poker legend, showed his selfless support to Ivey by joining his team in this professional endeavor. Aside from Merson, who will act as chipleader, other poker enthusiasts and professionals who joined the team are Jennifer Harman and Patrik Antonious.

“He’s one of the best no-limit players in the world. I’ve played a lot of poker with him, and especially if he’s the deep stack, he’s a very tough opponent to play against,” said Ivey when he talked about Antonious.

The site currently has limited feats including a subscription to the mailing list option and a link to Greg Merson’s site, which contains a brief bio of himself, links to his regular blog posts, Twitter and Facebook account links, and a coaching service announcement. Insiders said that a few hours before the official launching of the site, Merson tweeted: “Team Ivey takeover starts today.”

Ivey added that the site also features an interactive instructional gaming video that will come for free as well. In addition, he also shared that there will be free bonus points for the Phil Ivey poker game for players who enlisted on the mailing list as early as this month of November.

Meanwhile, players are now anticipating the specific rounds where they will get the chance to play with some of the poker legends.

Amidst Ivey’s enthusiastic disposition with his new site, he refused to share his thoughts about Full Tilt or Howard Lederer by indicating that there are legal ramifications he doesn’t want to deal with at the moment. He further stated, “There’s a lot I’d like to say to all of the poker players who were on that site. …when the time is right – and it should be soon – I look forward to all the questions.”

Finally, the site gives everyone a welcomey yet somehow challenging slogan at the bottom area of the webpage, saying, “It’s more fun when you win.”