Illinois to Legalize Online Gambling

Illinois on the Path to Legalizing Online Gambling

Illinois is the fifth largest state out of all 50 states. Many within the state feel as though the legalization of online gambling will boost revenue for the state in a major way. Currently, billions of dollars are transferred to overseas casinos during the year because it is only there, that companies operate. In recent news states like Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada have all recently legalized online gambling, Nevada being the first of the three to open an online poker room has projected around 4 million in new revenue over the next year.

Within the past week, a casino expansion bill passed the state senate in the state of Illinois without the internet gambling piece had not passed. The bill talked about adding five new land based casinos with slot machines to be installed in two of the major airports. The bill was removed and is set to be revised to be more appealing to the state’s governor. This is an important step in the process to legalizing online gambling, once the governor has signed off on such a bill, motions can be put into place to start the procedures.

The internet gambling bill is set to be introduced by May 31. This particular bill has got many people talking and excited about the movement as some players do not live near a land based casino. So, not only will players be eligible to play online but the state will also gain from it as well. The Illinois lottery is one of the only of its kind to actually allow players to purchase tickets online. This has seen a major boost in revenue over the years as well which helps maintain solid projected numbers for the online gaming portion.

Within the current play for this bill, the online gaming portion of casinos will be overseen by a division within the Illinois Lottery which has experience in dealing with online wagering. This current bill will legalize all forms of gambling which does have an upper-hand on Nevada which now only has legalized online poker for the state. Though they have only legalized online poker, they have seen a major influx of online users which is promising for the casino industry.

Gambling is one of the very first forms of entertainment. Started hundreds of years ago, players used just dice. It’s quite astonishing how far the gaming trends have come.