GR88 Casino Introduces New 3D Video Slot

GR88 Online Casino is definitely not allowing most of its competitors to take the lead this 2014. Hence, the online gambling site has introduced new 3D video slot in the market at the start of this year. The new video slot is called Spartania, and it is expected to rake a significant following and players for its high-end yet nothing short of familiar antics. But if you are not that familiar with GR88 Casino yet, then we will fill you in with what you need to know about this casino.

GR88 Casino is actually a gaming branch of the Olympian Group. It has thrived silently since it was launched, but it has gained recognition as well for housing quality games and providing its clients with unparalleled services. The new addition to its suite, Spartania, is an ancient period-themed slot that comes with the conventional five reels and 30 paylines. It sports 3D animated features and has distinctly high-end design. Players will notice right away that the game packs in a lot of Spartan and Roman influence, which is most noticeable through its characters. Like other casino games, Spartania also boasts a number of extra bonuses and wild spins. One tip the makers of the new 3D video slot have revealed is that players can actually get an extra bonus game when they match three or more Queen symbols at any time during a certain round.

In playing Spartania, players can wager as little as $0.01 per line, or if they intend to go all-out and quite adventurous on their first try, they can wager $0.05 per line or even go the extra mile of placing the maximum bet which is $7.50. When players deposit funds to their accounts, they can take advantage of the $100 extra bonus. However, if you want to avail this promo, you need to hurry as it is only available for the entire month of January. The bonus can be accessed or triggered using the SPARTANIA20 bonus code.

According to Casino Online, GR88 Casino Manager David Smith has expressed his excitement for the new video slot. When asked about the newest addition to the site’s gaming suite, Smith dished that “the graphics are mind-blowing and the bonus features give lots of chances to increase winnings.”

GR88 Casino may not be as famous as other online gambling sites out there, but it has never failed its loyal players and customers in terms of delivering quality service to each and every one. The site hosts top quality slot games and other regular casino games as well. It offers a complete list of regular casino games as well as various Poker versions and sports betting all the same. So if you are interested or if you want to try out their newest 3D video slot Spartania, then don’t for a second hesitated to visit