Get paid to play Poker

Most people who love gambling know that they need to pay the price to enjoy some hours of entertaining. We all do it, and sometimes we are fortunate enough to bring home more than what we have paid when we get to win.

Others are that actually get paid to play. In fact, if we love playing poker, and we have experience doing it, we can get hired by casinos to help games get started or keep them going on.

Playing poker requires a good amount of knowledge, namely who we are playing against, if we want to have more chances of winning. We do need, therefore, to study the game and our opponents, so that we gain that edge that makes us win the hands.

This capacity will determine if we win or lose, but there are two kinds of players that we need to know as well, two kinds of players that are paid to play regardless of the outcome of the hands.

Poker Shill

The Poker Shill is an employee of the casino, meaning, he doesn’t earn money for winning or losing, he gets a wage at the end of the week for playing. They are not risking their money, they are being bankrolled by the house.

The Shill player also has to follow certain actions like, for example, folding when a raise happens with a certain hand. Players are that don’t like shills because it’s hard to play against a player who has nothing to win the game.

What’s the goal of having such a player? When the action is low, it’s important that the game looks busier, and that is when the shill sits at the table. It can happen as a poker dealer who has some house chips but folds when the action happens.

Usually, this is good news for the players, as the shills fold when bets happen, so it’s money coming to the real player’s side.

Proposition Player

Apart from the Shill player, we also have the proposition player, and the main difference between the two is that the proposition player has its own bankroll, they are not banked by the casino.

Sure, they are also paid to play, to keep the game going, but they are playing with their own money, so they want to win too. They are serving two masters at the same time basically. Anyone playing against a proposition player has present, though, that what they are earning from the casino is just a fraction of what they are putting on the table, so they mean business.

To be a proposition player we have to love poker because we will be playing it all day long, but also we have to be very good at it or else we would be working and losing money. Also, we need to be versatile, as we can be playing Texas Hold’em at a given time, and the next minute any other variant of poker.

Having a large payroll is also a job requirement because the casino manager might ask you to play at a buy-in table of $100, and in this case, a 25 times superior limit bankroll is advisable. Considering we are earning $10 or $20 per hour from the casino it just shows the risk involved in being a proposition player.

No limits games also happen, and this means doubling our bankroll. At the end of the day, it’s a great job if we love the game and we have the skills, but if not we are better sitting at the other end of the table.