Everett Site Review – Stephen Crosby to Remove himself

Everett Site Review – Gambling Panel Chair to Remove Themselves

Having a chair on the gambling panel remove themselves is a big thing. The head of the commission is the one that is going to be stepping out of his chair for this go around. This is due to the fact that he is a long time friend and business partner of the owner of the proposed new gambling casino.

This is what chair members are supposed to do when it comes to knowing someone that is coming in to propose something to the gambling commission which means that Stephen Crosby is doing the right thing in stepping down off the chair and being able to free himself of making a one sided decision due to the fact that he knows the person well out of the office.

The Everett site that is proposed to have a new casino placed on it is what is in question, but Crosby feels that he cannot make the decision since he was in the National Guard with the owner, Paul Lohnes, in the 70’s and then went into business with him in the 90’s. This would be a serious conflict of interest on behalf of the two so he made his decision to step down and not be a part of the decision that has to be made on whether or not the new casino site should be put up or if they should pass on the 29 acre site that might be home to a large gambling location for the state to use.

This site is potentially worth millions of dollars to the owner which can be a good thing if it is passed. Wynn Resorts are the ones that want to put the new casino up and they need the agreement of everyone involved. Even though Crosby feels he could have made the right, unbiased decision on what to do, he felt that the public would feel better and trust him more if he did what was supposed to be done and step down out of the chair for this decision in order to keep the peace and make sure that the selection and decision was made by those that did not know the owner of the land for quite some time. He was only trying to do the right thing for the people and for the proposed piece of land that is in question for the large resort and casino line.

The local law officials are also looking into whether or not Lohnes has a criminal business partner working with him that might be able to make more money off of this piece of land that he is trying to sell to Wynn Resorts.

The big thing on the table right now is to get through the investigation and be able to find out whether or not this will be a new casino site. However, a lot of steps need to be taken and since the public will feel better with Crosby off the stand, he decided to step down himself in order to keep his position later on and not to upset anyone that might be following the story.