Conquering Keno: Strategies You Can Use

Conquering Keno: Strategies You Can Use to Win the Jackpot

In a stricter sense, Keno is a lottery game making it very dependent on luck and chance as opposed to other casino games. However, that does not mean that you can’t actually use several strategies on beating its system. If you are dead serious in conquering the game for the win, then you must at least not be afraid to take on chances as they are pretty much what are left for you to take advantage of.

One of the time-tested strategies that Keno players use on every round they play is actually choosing numbers that have not appeared after several rounds of draws. Although the laws of veritable change and statistical probability state that every number has an equal opportunity to come out in every round, it’s still undeniable that those numbers which have not come out on the first rounds will come out on the succeeding. This is based on the law of averages that simply means the remaining numbers are overdue and shall, by all means, appear on any of the succeeding rounds.

In contrary, another strategy that players use is submitting to the probability of common appearance. This means that a number that has been chosen on a certain round will definitely be chosen on the succeeding rounds. The logic on this concept is that although the numbers are highly independent from one another, there is a set that will come up more often than the rest of the digits available.

A different approach is picking consecutive numbers. In almost every Keno casino, evaluators of the results always find it amazing how most if not all of the results end up as consecutive digits. The winning combinations always contain adjacent numbers, a strategy that all of Keno winners have once or a couple of times tried.
Still, there is this weird strategy that most players really believe in: sticking with a combination they believe can bring them luck. They even repeatedly use these combinations though they have failed with then for a couple of times. The secret is that the numbers they have chosen are symbolic to them: the birthday of their first daughter perhaps or the anniversary of their wedding. This has worked for some, so it might work for you as well.

Finally, the last and best strategy to try is related to the fact that a wide variety of combinations abound the game. In as much as you want to box the system into a simple strategy, you have to outwit billions and billions of possible combinations in order for you to win even just for once. However, most casinos nowadays are giving the option for you to bet on a smaller group of digit combinations. This significantly lowers the odds of the game. For example, if you chose to play on five digits, you have 22% chance of winning. On the other hand, if you chose six, you only have 16% chance of bringing home the jackpot and the value continues to decrease for every addition of number. Truth is: people who have won a 14-combination game didn’t actually know that they are winning. The same goes for you.

Because Keno has a total of 80 balls, and the general rule is for you to choose 20 of them, you are actually drawn into the spell of the game that the more digits you choose, the more chances you have on winning. However, since this game is basically a lottery type of game, you should take into consideration certain rules and laws that play a role in the system. Using a strategy will surely give you a good head-start in your endeavor of conquering Keno.