Casino Sign Up Bonuses, Friend or Foe?

Sign Up Bonuses, Friend or Foe?

Online casinos are all fun and games until someone runs out of money. This can happen to anyone but sometimes, it is the sign up bonuses that push a player to their limits much quicker than they had originally anticipated. Despite the amount of free money and flashy advertising that some casinos may boast, the sign up bonuses might be better as passed over. Here is a look at how some of the casinos can pull one over on their players and keep their initial deposit without ever offering the chance at a win.

Players of online casinos have a variety of different choices that are available to them. Some casinos will openly offer free money and bonuses to their players. Others won’t even give the players the option, the casino will simply deposit the money into the player’s account for them to play with. In this case, the players won’t even take a glance at the play through requirements which could ultimately land the player in hot water as far as their initial deposit or worse, their time.

When you go to visit an online casino for the first time, you’ll see big vibrant graphics that illustrate all of the free money that a casino is going to give to you upon signup. What is hard to find sometimes (at the less reputable casinos) is the requirements that will need to be met. Those requirements? They need to be fulfilled before you can cash out any of your earnings. Where the play through requirements tend to get tricky is when the casino requires the player to wager their own deposit plus the free cash a certain amount of times. Sometimes the amount required is too many and it doesn’t allow the player to actually win anything unless by some stroke of luck, they are able to wager and still take something home.

The casinos can also get a player by simply offering requirements that are hard to abide by. For example, sometimes a player will sign up for an account, forget about it and then come back to the casino to sign up for another account. In the terms and conditions of some of the casinos, players are forbidden from doing this as the rules state “one account per household.” There have been instances where a player has hit a big jackpot but the casino won’t payout because the player had an account at that casino previously. While this seems shady, the casinos offer these terms and conditions as well as playthrough requirements right on the website in the fine print.

There is nothing wrong with accepting an online casino bonus and many players enjoy the extended game play. Not only can a bonus allow a player to play much longer then they normally would, it also offers the added excitement of possibly cashing out a little extra money. Just be sure to read and understand the terms in full before you play, and that way everyone really wins!