Bovada adds New Jersey to their restricted list

New Jersey, Old Players

Summary: Bovada is no longer allowing new player registrations for New Jersey residents, but allows players who already have accounts to keep playing as usual.

Though the online casino industry seems to be thriving with more and more states jumping on to regulate and legalize land based online casinos, there are some drawbacks to these legalization. Since the early 90’s online casinos have been in operations. The casinos are based over seas but are offered to players within the states. The casinos are legal and operate accordingly to regulations but have yet to be recognized by certain countries. Bovada is a company that has always tried to abide by the rules set forth by the Department of Justice. In fact, the company was once known as Bodog. While that company is still available over seas, a new branch of the company was opened solely for players which was called and is now known as, Bovada.

Since the company is always brushing up on the new gambling laws within many countries. they are constantly seeking out ways to stay on the good side of the department of justice. No one wants to go down like PokerStars did in 2011. If you are unfamiliar with those events, in short, the company was shut down leaving all of their players with zero in their poker wallets. Though the poker company has recovered all losses for themselves and for the players, they have been placed on a two year probationary period within some states where they are not allowed to open casino branches and cannot buy properties in order to get ready to do so once their probationary period is over.

Bovada currently is not accepting new players within New Jersey, Maryland and New York. New Jersey was the newest state added to the list as the state is not allowing their players to utilize any new online casinos other than those that are regulated by the state. It hasn’t been said if this is a some sort of monopoly scheme as the casinos in New Jersey currently are not doing too well despite the projected numbers. The good news, for those who have already signed up for this casino in the past, they will still have their player account and will be able to continue utilizing Bovada’s services.