Bodog’s new wild weekend promo

Bodog Casino wows clients with new wild weekend promo

Just when everybody thought that Bodog Casino cannot go any wilder comes its newest and most updated offering: the Wild Weekends promotional exploits. The said promo ran from May 3rd, Friday, to the 6th, Monday. During this first wave of the promising promo, players are entitled to betting on their favorite games and receive twice the casino points that they usually get as well as faster and bigger cash prizes. Every casino point will entitle players an entry to the lucky draw of the casino worth $1,000 in cold hard cash. A credible representative from the casino shares, “Weekends are for letting loose and having fun and with Bodog Casino’s Wild Weekends, you’ll be rewarded to do just that.”

Generally speaking, the first wave of the Wild Weekends promo enabled players to enjoy twice the rate of their casino points. The normal rate for online slots is $10 wager for 2 casino points. In line with the said promo nevertheless, players can earn up to 4 casino points for every $10 wager they make. In addition, for blackjack players the point system is different. Apart from the Single Deck and Double Deck Blackjack modes, the rest goes with the normal rate $10 bet for every 1 casino point; thus, the players are entitled to receiving 2 casino points for every wager they make. In addition, the Single and Double Deck uses another rule that entitles players to receive a single casino point for every $25 they wager. Hence, it follows in suit that they will be gaining 2 casino points for each $25 bet they make in the blackjack games.

Because players are entitled of gaining bigger casino points, they are also entitled of receiving bigger cash prizes at a faster rate. All of the casino points that the players have gained will be summed up and will then be converted into casino chips for a rate of $1 chip for each 100 points they make. Nonetheless, players can only convert their casino points once they have accumulated at least 500 points. For those who have not achieved the minimum points however, they need not worry for their points will be carried on to the next Wild Weekends period where they can have the chance of achieving the minimum rate or even go beyond it. For the final period though, if they cannot reach the minimum rate, their points will simply be converted automatically.

In addition to the cash point’s conversion system, players can also partake in the lucky draw since they are entitled of having one entry for every point they make. During the draw, one player will be randomly selected through an electronic raffle draw and the winner can bring home the prize worth $1,000. Bodog Casino personnel are now advertising these promotional exploits to the public. They are also advising players who have questions to inquire through their customer support for more details on this endeavor. Bodog Casino is an online gambling site powered by Realtime Gaming and licensed by the Offshore Gaming Directorate of Antigua and Barbuda.