Better Winning Odds


There is no point in playing casino games if you fail to learn about which ones have the best winning odds than others. In simple terms, odds are defined as the mathematical chances of winning or losing as a player to the house or casino or establishment. The odds are tabulated using five games that the player will have the finest chances of winning. Craps are the top options in terms of providing the optimum winning odds for casino gamers. However, their value is appreciated if the player makes proper betting which is in addition based on adequate information, and analysis derived from studying the statistics.


Blackjacks are casino games in which players can reduce the odds stacked against them by the establishment by a large margin while increasing theirs. If you wish to enjoy better odds than the house, you are required to play using the basic strategy in blackjack. This sort of strategy increases the player’s chances of making huge amounts of profits more than any other. The best chance of increased profits when playing blackjack includes doubling down and splitting. If you manage to develop your skills with regard to hitting, and making sure you stay on correct hands, you can be sure of higher profits as well.


Baccarat is a casino game which can give you better winning odds than others if played well. When playing this game, your goal should be to make sure that you only use two cards to reach a total of nine, or as close to it as possible. You are given the opportunity to play this game either as the player or banker where the former’s chances are not as better as the latter. In addition to this, you also need to know the value and worth of each card as well as when and where to use them. You need to remember that whether you are the banker or player, you are still stacked against the house, and you play to win against it.

The Three Card Poker

The Three Card Poker is a game you should think about seriously as well if you are to increase your winning bets against the house while playing the casino games. This is a game that involves players being required to ante any bets they make before they are issued with the three cards. There are two main people in this game, the player and the dealer. Your decision when playing this game is not to rely only on the house edge but look at the potential pay outs as well. There are strategies, which give you a better winning bet but with lower payout rates and vice versa. Try to make your choice as wisely as you can.

Pai Gow Poker

The other casino game which has better winning odds is one known as Pai Gow Poker, and is played using seven cards. The poker hands are only two, one with five cards and the other with two. These hands are played from the seven cards each player is dealt fairly. If a player is to win, then both hands have to beat or be better than those of the dealer at the same time. If both hands split, this is considered to be a tie and there is no clear winner. Although the odds are around 2.5%, they are not as bad as those found in other types of games.