Android-Based Online Gambling

Android-Based Online Casino Applications

Alongside the thriving and flourishing android platform and the increasing number of android devices is the progressing number of online casinos penetrating the said platform and producing gambling-related applications. Ever since Google bought the rights to the android play store, more and more online companies have decided to invest on mobile applications that would sell their products if not represent them impeccably. The same is true for online casinos. Therefore, it is not surprising that internet-based casinos have begun investing on android and apple application stores. This is not only to join the on-going trend, but as well as to market their casino brand effectively through the aid of mobile-based games and mobile versions of their sites. Thus far, analysts point out that android gambling applications and sites are now starting to receive much attention, especially that such applications involve real cash and not only a mere hole in the pocket.

Today, many casinos have not only gone online but have also penetrated the mobile technology scene. A large number of casino game applications have been added to the application stores of both Apple and Android. Thus, players can now simply download the games to their phones or tablets and access them whenever they are on the go. One positive feedback about this innovation is the fact that the games will not take up that much space since mobile applications are designed to be rather small. They can be so small that downloading can occur in a flash. Moreover, the gaming quality is not at all compromised all thanks to the increasing number of mobile devices that run on very high-end processors, software, and whatnot. The different casino games come in clear, vibrant graphics with crisp sound quality to match for a worthwhile mobile casino experience like no other.

So which casinos are becoming a major trend in this field today? First on the line is All Slots Casino, a Canada-based online gambling site that has long been recognized for high quality gaming feats and promotions. Established in 2000, the casino is an official member of the Jackpot Factory of worldwide casinos. In addition, it is also the first and still is the leading casino to penetrate the mobile technology. It has established a name in the android world with quite a number of gaming applications to take pride in. Furthermore, what made this casino even more interesting is it offers real money as prizes for the mobile phone games; hence, players will surely enjoy wagering on their favorite games wherever they may be.

Apart from All Slots Casino, there are also other online gambling sites that made it successfully in the android and iOS systems. They are 32Red Casino, mFortune Casino, and William Hill Casino. They also belong to the pioneering online-based casinos, with a rather large number of patrons and gamers to prove their proficiency. Therefore, it is not surprising that in order for them to continue serving their clients, they have stepped up into the game and established their own gaming application platforms. Today, all three of them are also regarded as top-of-the-line casinos in the android market.

Joining the top list are the better-late-than-never casinos Slotland and Casino Tropez. The two of which may have joined the mobile revolution at a later date, but they have surpassed other starting casinos because of the strong and obvious patronage of a large number of online gamblers to their applications. In addition, they have become synonymous to the first four on the list at a much rapid rate, all thanks to the high-quality graphics and well-developed gaming ensemble they have to offer. On a final note, both of these casinos also offer remarkable progressive jackpots and prizes, giving them a good head start in the said field.