A boost for New Jersey’s Internet Casinos

A boost for New Jersey online casinos

With such a slow start to their online casino launch, it’s no wonder why they have taken this long to re-evaluate what the state is currently doing to entice players to come join their casinos. The problem with the initial launch of New Jersey online casinos is that players were interested in signing up however, due to where some of the internet service providers were located, it appeared to the casinos as though someone from outside of the state’s borders was trying to sign up for an account which currently, is not permitted. Since, the bugs have been worked out, however many of these casino players have already signed on with companies that are based over seas, leaving them to go back to those companies.

Reassessing the marketing would help the casinos gain more exposure, leaving them wide open for new players. The advertising with the current casinos such as Boyd Gaming Corp. is primarily done online, since the advertisements went up, the casino has lost around $3.2 Million since the first quarter in terms of profits. The problem with these advertisements lies within the types of games they were offering. For now, the advertisements are surrounding Poker, a game that can be very social, many players may not want to lose out on the social aspects by playing online which makes definite sense. Implementing slots advertisements brings a whole new player to the casino as slots can be a social game, if the players are looking for that in a casino however, most of the time players will play slots by themselves.

The slowness of the market has shocked many, from lawmakers to casino owners to gaming companies throughout the globe. This may be due to the glitches or the fact that many players already have online casinos that they know, love and trust. With revenue coming in at a fraction of what they initially anticipated, this means the current land based casinos are still at risk for losing too many profits. The states expected to see around $1 billion in numbers per year, in one month, the state only brought home around $11.4 million from online gambling which was a far cry from what was expected. Nevada and Delaware are also seeing slower numbers however, they are looking to methods outside of advertising to entice more players, such as an inter-state gambling style made available on the website.

Overall, we should expect to see some new marketing and hopefully new programs available to players in order to keep regulated online gambling alive. If players are not enticed by what these casinos are offering, players can always revert back to the online casinos that are available through other countries.