888 to be approved for online casino license

888 online casino first to conquer an online gambling license in certain countries

888 online casino first to conquer an online gambling license in certain countries

888casino-LobbyThe company is said to be the first ever operator to gain the much-coveted license to operate in the US, the biggest prospect country of many online gambling companies and whatnot.

In a recent press release, the Nevada Gaming Commission has stated that it has approved the licensing of 888, an online gambling giant, which is basically situated and headquartered at Gibraltar. The license allows the company to operate as an “Interactive Gaming Service Provider.” Alongside its legitimate operations is the licensing of the key executives and shareholders all the same. This didn’t come as a surprise; after all the state of Nevada has already voted to recommend the approval of online gambling operations within its state at an earlier date.

Nonetheless, many were moved and touched since this significant event makes 888 the first genuinely internet-online gambling company to penetrate the state’s strict regulation of the gambling industry. Moreover, it can be noted that it is the first non-US company to receive a license to operate within the country. To this the company’s CEO Brian Mattingley quipped, “This is an historic moment for 888. This is the first time a company uniquely providing online gaming has been licensed by any US jurisdiction.”

In addition, Mattingley stated that the Nevada license will allow 888 to not only launch 888 as a brand under the “Treasure Island” operator’s license but as well as support the vast number of partnerships the company has. This simply means that the license will enable 888 to advocate Caesars Interactive Entertainment’s WSOP as well as support the WMS Gaming manufacturer.

Compared to the previous decades where the US market has been very tight and quite apprehensive in allowing other online gambling companies to launch and operate within the US, this year has proven to be very different. US states are now lining up in enabling foreign investors to penetrate their lucrative market of online gambling. Also, this is perceived to go hand-in-hand with the skyrocketing growth of mobile real-money casino gaming in the country.

On a final note, efforts to finally pass a national bill are starting to become overt and the engines to drive this wonderful cause is steaming up. Legislation of the legalization of the online gambling operations in the US are starting to become a reality. Thus, online gambling will soon enough stray away from the usual concept that it is a far-off dream for the US citizens.