Microgaming History
Officially launched in 1994, Microgaming is considered as one of the pioneering sites in the online gambling industry. Since then its operations were recognized as meaningful and resilient leading it to thrive well in the early times and even at the present time. Throughout its existence, it has conceptualized original design and graphics that other budding sites always try to copy but can’t match. In 2002, upon the launching of its Viper Software, Microgaming Casinos became the center of attention. It was ranked on top of the list and stayed there up to this date. The Viper Software inexplicably brought forth a great contribution to the industry for its efficient and unrivalled interface. With this, the company has legitimately developed no less than a thousand of games for all of the casinos operating under its guardianship.

Microgaming Software
Alongside the solid reputation of Realtime Gaming’s software, Microgaming has also fairly established its own name when it comes to the quality and efficiency of its products. With the tough competition between these online gambling giants, it is not uncommon for both of them to develop and release signature design and games every now and then. Though RTG may be leading in terms of the number of its casinos, Microgaming is considered leading when it comes to the number of games in its suite. Furthermore, the company has gained recognition from online casino reviews for its best-quality gaming graphics and interface, and was even deemed as the best software that operates the largest collection of slots in the entire industry.

Microgaming Casinos
Microgaming casinos are among the leading gambling sites in the industry. They have undeniably conquered the loyalty and trust of numerous online gamblers ever since it began operating. Truth be told, they always get the top ratings for being the trendsetters of advanced gaming experience and quality of gameplay. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the number of membership of these sites to skyrocket. Included in the official list of casinos powered by Microgaming are:

Microgaming Games
The different games of Microgaming run on high-quality interface and design. Furthermore, they are built with intuitive graphics and high-class animations. And the best part about the company’s offerings is they regularly produce all sorts of modern games, which are regarded as the future of online gambling. Nevertheless, the company still gives importance to traditional games although it is undeniable how it focuses on improvising contemporary ones. Certain games that the company has introduced to the industry include: Thunderstruck II, Immortal Romance, Dark Knight, The Great Galaxy Grab, Riviera Riches, and Hellboy.

Microgaming Reputation
Whilst blossoming and budding casinos are still on the way of establishing their trademark and original brand in the online gambling business, Microgaming Casinos have already gained its rightful place in the industry. This is simply because, tracing how the company has selflessly struggled and strive to provide the best of the best services, one can say that it has long been successful in doing so. It has created a software that even serves as a standard in terms of quality and efficiency of gaming technology. Moreover, Microgaming has proven that it only seeks to be the best in its craft through its dynamic updates to its system every now and then.