Couch Potato

Couch Potato

Reels: 3
Minimum Bet ($) 0.25
Available at: Guts Casino, Leo Vegas, Casumo

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Couch Potato is a very special game, and there are a few different reasons why that’s the case. Even though when you first look at it you might only see a simple 3 reel game, this Microgaming slot offers great features, with up to 25x multipliers applied by wilds, and it also has a theme which nobody else has used so far. It’s inspired by a couch potato, quite literally, as it is using a main character which looks like a potato with the characteristics of a human. The slot offers 3 reels, 1 line and it can pay $75,000.

Betting & Jackpots

Like most 3 reel slots do, Couch Potato allows for as many as 3 coins to be used in its bets. You decide how many coins will be part of the wager, and you pick the value for them as well, within the range of $0.25 to $5. With all three coins in use, the bet can be worth $15, a pretty typical amount for such a game.

The rewards in Couch Potato are way above what most games will be able to give you, at least in this category. There is a huge reward offered in exchange for using 3 coins in the bet, as the jackpot is worth 15,000 coins at that point, or up to $75,000. A 2 coin bet is worth three times less, even though there is only a 1 coin difference between the two bets.


As good as the prize is, the most impressive thing in this game appears to be the wild symbol. The Game Logo being chosen for it, you will find that this symbol can form combinations directly, paying the huge jackpots which I mentioned above.

Should the symbol be used just as a wild, it will be a substitute which is capable of applying 5x multipliers for each wild that contributes to the combination. What this means is that if you have two wilds in a combo, you will get 25x the usual prize. It’s a huge multiplier, one which you rarely see in these classic slots (a few others do exist though).


The graphics include a couch which has a potato on it, and it is placed in the background. The TV set, which the potato is looking at, is visible on the reels, being used as a support for the game logo. The other symbols are all classics, and there are among them Orange 7s, Bar 7s, Bar icons and the cherry.


Couch Potato has quite a few special things to offer, among them being the features with their multipliers, the big prizes and the unusual theme.

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  • Name: Couch Potato
  • Software Microgaming
  • Game Type Video Slot
  • 3 Reels, 1 Paylines
  • Minimum Bet ($) 0.25
  • Maximum Bet ($) 75.00