City of Gold

City of Gold

Reels 3
Minimum Bet ($) 0.25
Available at: Guts Casino, Leo Vegas, Casumo

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City of Gold is a Microgaming classic slot, but one that has a theme which is much more common in modern titles. It is inspired by a Mayan city, one that has been left behind by this ancient civilization when it perished. Apparently, its walls are made out of gold, and the slot does offer the image of a temple that appears to be made out of this precious metal. The game’s main theme is mixed with various classics which don’t have a connection to it normally. The slot offers 3 reels, 1 line and it promises a jackpot of $8,000.

Betting & Jackpots

Placing a bet in City of Gold requires that you make only two decisions. The first one concerns the coin value, and the range within which you can work is from $0.25 to $5. If you go with the maximum of $5, and then you pick the maximum of two coins for the bet, you can spend $10 for a spin.

The reward’s value is as common as the wager in a classic slot machine. You are given 1,600 coins for a wager of 2 coins, and the maximum value for them would be at $8,000.


The feature included in City of Gold is a common one for many classic titles. The wild is the one extra role that the jackpot symbol has. The image of this symbol is that of a gold bowl with gemstones in it. The two ways in which this symbol helps out is by forming a combo of three wilds, or by acting as a substitute with one or two of them on the line.

If the combo of three wilds forms, it pays 800 or 1,600 coins, for wagers of 1 or 2 coins. If one wild contributes to the formation of a new combo, the reward doubles through a multiplier which is applied. Should two wilds do this, both being present on the payline, the multiplier will be at 4x, and so the win will be quadrupled.


The graphics, though undoubtedly classic inspired, do show a lot of signs of connections to the Mayans and the temples they left behind. You will notice a detailed background image, one where there are trees, green plants, the temple and the sun shining from behind it. On the reels, the symbols used will give you one that is themed, the bowl with gemstones, while the rest give you Gold Bars, a red 7 and a watermelon.


The only thing that differentiates this slot from dozens of others is the theme choice. Otherwise, the features and the prizes are both quite common in this industry.

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  • Name: City of Gold
  • Software Microgaming
  • Game Type Video Slot
  • 3 reels, 1 paylines
  • Minimum Bet ($) 0.25
  • Maximum Bet ($) 10.00