Cash Splash

CashSplash 3-Reel

Reels 3
Minimum Bet ($) 1.00
Available at: Guts Casino, Leo Vegas, Casumo

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CashSplash is one of the many classic slot machines that Microgaming has created so far. There is no shortage of such titles in their collection, so it’s far from an original title. Still, graphics wise it does look slightly better than its competitors. It’s much more colorful and cheerful, but the theme remains a typical one, where cash is mixed with classic symbols. You’re going to encounter a single cash themed symbol, along with five symbols which are considered classics. The slot holds 1 line on 3 reels, paying a progressive jackpot to its luckiest winners, which is definitely the thing that sets it apart from the rest.

Betting & Jackpots

There aren’t that many decisions to make in this slot. It has 1 line, and it can use 3 coins in the wager. The coin value is fixed at $1 though, so the wager range is between $1 and $3, no more and no less.

If we’re looking only at fixed prizes, the slot offers 1,600 coins in exchange for a 2 coin wager, which can mean $1,600 cash. The better payout comes from a 3 coin wager though, which can get you a progressive jackpot. The value of that jackpot obviously varies, but the average amount at which it has been won in the past is at about $26,000. That’s a pretty good prize to go after in a slot with $3 maximum bets.


The wild symbol is clearly the most important one that you can get on a payline. It can award the big prize, the progressive jackpot, when the player uses the maximum bet and gets the three wilds on the payline.

When the wild appears only once or twice, it can be used as a substitute for another symbol, and it also applies a multiplier. The win value is multiplied by 2x when one wild is in a new combo, and by 4x when you have two wilds contributing.


The slot has a very colorful and cheerful design, which is due to the many colors that were all included in the game. The reels are placed on the left side, and on top you will find the progressive jackpot display, which gives you a pretty good reason to try the slot out. The symbol list starts with the wild, showing the game logo, and continues with a 7, the 3, 2 and 1 Bar icons, and the cherries.


It’s an average slot machine in many ways, but that progressive jackpot makes all the difference, and the slot is attractive thanks to it.

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  • Name: Cash Splash
  • Software Microgaming
  • Game Type Video Slot
  • 3 reels, 1 payline
  • Minimum Bet ($) 1.00
  • Maximum Bet ($) 3.00