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Fun Online Casino Games: This is my favorite online casino, for several different reasons, I’ll tell you why in the review below, but in short;

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Miami Club Casino

I tried Miami Club Casino and this is what my experience was like; This is an online casino for players who are 18 and older. Much like what you’ll find at a land based casino, this option is to be played from home or anywhere you might have an internet connection. Miami Club Casino is home to hundreds of games and a variety of promotions. I had a lot of fun playing here, I liked the games and the entire transaction from start to finish was seamless. Here is what my experience entailed;

Getting Started

The casino has a great look, I feel like all of the tabs and buttons are intuitive. On the main page of the website, I found information about the games, the promotions and where to log in quite easily. I also saw some of the previews of the games which I found to be quite helpful. Since I was playing at this casino for the first time, I needed to register for an account. I made sure to type in my information correctly because if I were to win at any point, I would need to verify my information in order to receive my winnings. The registration process was easy to get through, I just needed to provide a screen name and password along with personal information such as my phone number, email address and mailing address. From there, I made sure to write down the username and password that I selected to be sure that I never lose it.

Bonus Code Redemption

The difference between land based casinos and online casinos are the promotions. There are a variety of different promotions available at Miami Club Casino, but from my experience I have learned that it is better to play without a bonus code simply because the bonus codes come with big restrictions that are sometimes hard to meet. I’ve also had situations in the past where I thought I met all of the requirements, only to have the casino intercept my cash-out request and prevent it from being fulfilled due to some “hidden” playthrough requirements. To redeem a bonus code, head to the cashier window and check out the deposit options. In there you’ll click “instant coupon” that is where you’ll input the code.

Game Play

From first glance, I realized that this casino is pretty easy to play with. The games did seem dated to me, some players like that.. Meanwhile me on the other hand, I prefer a more modernized gaming approach. With my $10 coupon code, I was able to play one game which I found to be pretty fun, but this game was the most unique game that I could find.

  • Cupid’s Arrow – This is a fun Valentine’s Day themed game with hues of pink and red. On the reels, there were many different icons which complimented the overall theme nicely. On this game, I didn’t walk away with any big winnings but I did end up being able to play the bonus round 3 times. This was a neat bonus round, it was one of those seal your own fate type of games where you choose a box and if it results in some money, you go onto the next line and so on and so forth. I liked this game and thought it was different than the others at the casino.


This casino had some really great deposit options. Those consisted of; Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bitcoin, Money Gram or Pay Safe Card. Each of these options is fairly easy to use and which is best depends solely upon your option of choice. Miami Club Casino welcomes deposits as low as $25.00. To withdraw funds, players can choose between Bitcoin, Bank Wire or Money Gram. You’ll need to have at least $100 in order to process a cashout request at this casino.

What I Liked About This Casino

This casino had a lot of fun games to choose from and I think the website was laid out really well. I talked with the live chat support staff who ended up helping me pretty quickly. I liked that the staff was available around the clock.

What I Disliked About This Casino

The chat support took a long time and it opened in two windows, when I closed one of them, both of them closed before I could have my bonus code redeemed. Since I am rather particular about the games that I play, I felt like this casino lacked in the area of explaining each game before clicking on it. The only thing that I was given was a screenshot of the game in a small portion of the screen, other than that i had no idea if the game was what I wanted or not.


Overall, this wasn’t my favorite casino, I prefer a quicker type of casino where things worked a little bit better. This one was rather slow and the games appeared to be a bit dated. This isn’t such a bad thing, it just is not my style.

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