Mentorship Program

Want to make money online? I’ll show you the easy way, I’ll show you how I have been making $4,000+ a month consistently over the past 2 year.

I have set up a website, done the SEO, the design, and a great deal of the link building. If you would like to help contribute to this site, I’ll mentor you. Yup, I’ll mentor you.

Benefits you get from working on this site:
For each article you write you will place your own affiliate link in that article
My mentorship, this includes:

    1. Understanding gaming
    1. Affiliate programs guidance
    1. Social networking
    1. SEO
    1. Link building
    1. Keywords to target
    1. Setting up your own domain name
    1. Setting up your own WordPress site

What do you have to do?

  • Research and learn about the industry,
  • Learn about the different niches in gaming – and I’ll even help you.
  • Have an open mind, because I’ll also show you how to do the SEO, link building on your own.
  • Contribute to this site.

Some home truths. If you want to make serious money, this is an industry where you don’t make money in 2 weeks, or 2 months. Sometimes it can take 6-12months.

If you’re serious about earning decent $$$’s and able to spend a couple of hours a day writing something you love about in gaming, and able to keep it up for 6+ months, I’ll mentor you.

I’ll give you own email address and set you up with your own affiliate accounts.
[email protected]

I am starting this mentor program with the target demographic being new affiliates, but really anyone is welcome to join. This project will be a collaboration of efforts hosted on this site ( where each person will specialize in an area of the site as well as contribute to the forum and help promote all aspects of the site. This will give the site a huge SEO boost with multiple people constantly contributing to and advertising the site. The learning experience and income generated from this collaboration should provide you with the tools you will need to succeed in the affiliate industry.

Each member of the site will independently sign up with the affiliate program(s) of there choice, provided that they are AGD Certified Programs. This will ensure that the casinos we promote on this site are deemed safe and fair for both the players and affiliates, as we do not want to promote rouge or blacklisted casinos.

  • You will be paid by the affiliate programs for the earnings that you generate from the players that click through on your links
  • You will keep those players as they will stay attached to your account even if you leave our site.

This should help avoid any conflict as no one person here will be responsible for the monetary aspects of this collaboration. Also if you leave us to start your own site, you will be taking the players that you earned from working on this site along with you.

To be extra clear: Each person will have there own affiliate account, and will place there own affiliate links on there own content. They will be paid by the affiliate program, and they will own the players they bring in.

Quality of Work:

  • Each member must submit quality content that is free from plagiarism and must be 100% unique. All content must pass and may not be posted on any other websites.
  • Once an article is published on this site it may not be removed or published anywhere else.
  • Each article must contain a minimum of 500+ words. Articles must be well constructed and written for readers to understand. Absolutely no spun content allowed.
  • You may add your affiliate link (or approved personal website) to each article you write, however you may not add a large amount of links to any single page.
    Your goal is to write user friendly articles that will get indexed into search engines and convert readers into players.


  • Once an article is published on this site, it becomes property of this site, not for use anywhere else.
  • You will not spam this site across other internet sites including spamming through email.
  • You will not engage in any blackhat methods to promote this site.

We will do our best to give you credit for the articles you write and submit to this site. We do however reserve the right to remove or change any articles or links as we see fit. This includes but is not limited to, if an affiliate program you promote goes rouge or out of business.

Email addresses should not be used for personal use, but for business use only for the time that you are contributing to this site. We do not provide any support for, or guarantee length of time your email address will be operational. We provide this as a way for you to represent you are a contributing member of our site, and to keep your personal email address free from both unwanted and business emails.