Live Dealer Casinos

Live Casinos feature real live dealers through a webcam. This technology first made its debut in 2008 giving players a realistic gaming experience as they participate in this type of gambling. The video is a live streaming video, where players will be able to see and interact with the dealer, through game play, in real time. Roulette, baccarat and blackjack and some of the most common live dealer games available. Players prefer this version of the software over the traditional online casino for a couple of different reasons, mainly because it offers players the ability to feel like they are playing in a real live casino environment.

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Live Casino technology is one of the newest forms of gambling online. There are very few casinos that actually offer this type of gaming, but since it’s gaining in popularity many more software companies are rolling out their versions of live dealer casinos.

Getting Started
You do not need a webcam, microphone or any other special equipment to get started. You simple get to watch a live dealer deal each of your hands, and then wait for your commands. In blackjack for example, you simple select your bet amount, and the dealer will then deal your cards while you watch. Once the hand is dealt, you will select whether to stand, hit, double or split by pressing the corresponding buttons within the game. The dealer then reacts to your choice in real time.

Live Dealer Casino Availability
This form of gaming is exclusive to very few casinos within the United States. The technology premiered, and gained its popularity within online casinos in the United Kingdom and Canada, the United States is just now catching wind of the technology available. More and more casinos are starting to incorporate this technology feature because it gives players a sense of being in a real casino. Some casinos in fact, will welcome celebrity dealers like the Playboy Bunnies to take on the role of the dealer to entice more players to come and visit the casino via game play.

Live Dealer Casino Games
In most Live Dealer Casinos, players will have choices of Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps and other poker variations available to the players. Though this type of gaming experience is very different from your standard online casino, the rules of the games and how they are played is exactly the same.

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