Legend Affiliates Review

Legend Affiliates and why I was blown away by their program

It’s not often you come across a team who are not only passionate about their work but give that impression out to their customers also. That was the first thing I noticed when I landed on the Legend Affiliate website. Passion, confidence, integrity, honesty. Yeah, I felt that from their landing page. It was nice to see in all honesty.

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Most affiliate dashboards I’ve seen over the last five years have been hacked together by a team that are more interested in getting sales than looking after their affiliates. And since this is a dedicated website for affiliates then they are absolutely not going to disappoint.

The first thing I noticed about legend affiliates was that their support section was right there as soon as I landed on their page. Boom, support. Need any help? If you’ve read any of my reviews before then you’ll understand that I think the best places are high in help and communication. They seemed to have pegged this down straight away, and from there I could tell that my first thoughts were coming true.

The really nice part for me that they had testimonials from affiliate managers. Now they aren’t people that manage the likes of you and I, those are the people that help you and I reach great heights with a little bit of oomph. It was all feeding into the idea that this place was a great place to sign up as an affiliate.

I liked their question and answer section too. Every question that I had in my mind was answered there, so not only did I have support at my fingertips but any sort of question that was lingering in my mind was there. Like negative balances for instance. If you become an affiliate then you’ll come to know those people as hit and runs. Someone will come in, deposit $10, get lucky on their first try and win $100, and then leave and never come back. Technically you as an affiliate would be sitting at -$90. But there’s none of that there at all. Thankfully.

Inside there’s everything that you can ask for. I was impressed by their banners and links. They weren’t some shoddy “done by the IT guy who was busy” they were really done professionally, you know? These were banners that I would be proud to host on my site. They are also clickable, so if you want to test out what you’re sending people to then you can (like I did). If you haven’t watched the video then I had a really fun game of pretend Pulsar with some fake money. I also liked the fact that every casino I was sent to I had the option of testing out their games on free play.

All in all, I really enjoyed legend affiliates. Their site was well rounded and very professional looking, and you could absolutely tell that they care about those that work with them. Out of all that I’ve seen so far I think this would be a good bet for a new entry into affiliate marketing. It’s just all there for you.