Vegas Three Card Rummy

Vegas 3 Card Rummy

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Vegas 3 Card Rummy is a very simple game to learn & to play! It’s offered in both land based casinos as well as online casinos, players can grasp onto the rules pretty easily. The aim in this game is to end up with a lower score on hand than the dealer!

To get started the game is played with one full deck of 52 cards, the dealer will deal out three cards to each of the players, the players cards are facing up and the dealers are facing down. Typically, the cards are shuffled after every play in land based casinos. Card values are pretty important to understand, cards with numbers 2 through ten are played with their numeric value, and face cards like jack queens & kings are ranked at 10 points. Aces in this game are used as one point cards. Pairs are worth their original value as the same goes with triple cards as well, which obviously notes that pairs & triples are the best things to have because they are equal to 0 points, as well as a two suited run and of course, a three suited run. With Vegas 3 Card Rummy, an Ace-King are not considered a suited run unfortunately.

So to start the game, your bet will be placed. From there, the cards will be dealt out to the players, if your hand just isn’t great and you feel like you cannot beat the dealer, you can fold which will forfeit your bet. In Vegas 3 Card Rummy, the highest payout attainable is based upon the highest score. In this game 0’s are the best score, and are paid out 4:1, scores 1 through 5 are paid out 2:1 and scores 7 through 10 pay out 1:1. If you & the dealer tie, your hand will result in a push. There was also the opportunity for a bonus bet, the winner in this case for the player is if they have 12 points or less and is not measured against the dealer’s hand.

The player will win if..
On the ante bet if the dealer’s cards are worth more than the players’ or if the player’s bet is raised and the dealer has more than 20 points.
On the Raise; If the dealer has 20 points or less.

The players can also win a bonus bet if their cards total less than 12 points.

The dealer can win as well of course but only on;
The ante when the player folds or if the player’s cards are higher.
On the raise if the dealer’s points are lower.
On the bonus bet if the player doesn’t meet 12 points or less!

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