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How to Play Sevens Wild:

The Rules of Sevens Wild.

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Sevens Wild may be one of the most commonly played five card video poker games around. That includes both land based, as well as online casinos. While it is extremely popular it is not the same as the more standard variations of five card video poker, that said Sevens Wild does have a lot to offer.  Not only is Sevens Wild a game you can win a lot of money playing, but once you get the hang of sevens wild, you will also have a great time playing. Sevens Wild is a pretty easy game to learn, so you will be playing among the pros in no time. The game Sevens Wild has a lot to do with the lucky number.. you guessed it, Seven. It is so lucky, any Seven card you obtain can be used as a ‘Wild card’. Meaning, the seven card can be used to replace any other card, giving you the advantage in the game and a better shot at winning. Lets face it, winning is half the fun of playing!

The Sevens being Wild in Sevens Wild is not the only difference between this game and other video poker games. There are also special pay-outs for hands containing, 5 of a kind, 4 sevens, and much more. These payouts work as an advantage in a way that can allow you to win more $$.

Playing Sevens wild is as easy as choosing the amount you wish to bet, then being dealt five cards, then deciding which ones you want to keep or throw back. While choosing this you will need to remember that the Sevens are ‘Wild’ and a card you will never want to discard, as it can be used as any card.

Now you may start to see why Sevens Wild is such a popular casino video poker game. Being able to use the Seven as any card, increases your chance for success.

Give Sevens Wild a try below, you can play for fun or for real money! Enjoy yourself and gamble responsibly.

Best Of Luck!

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