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Pai Gow Poker is an Americanized card version of the Chinese Pai Gow game that is normally played with dominos. The American version was created by Fred Wolf, an American casino owner in the Los Angeles, California area. The game is played using a standard 52 card deck and one joker. It is played with 6 players, and a dealer. The object is to overcome the banker which could be one of the players or the dealer depending on the specific game that is being played. Each of the players is dealt seven cards, and they have to make two poker hands from the seven cards they are dealt. This includes a five card hand, and a two card poker hand.

The value of the five card hand must exceed the value of the two card poker hand. The two card hand is usually placed in front of the player once they are done setting each of the hands. This is why the two card hand is usually called the “in front,” while the five card hand is called “the behind.” If each of the hands in one of the players hands beats the bankers hand then the player wins. If only one of the player’s hands beats the banker’s then it’s called a push. If the player cannot beat the banker with either hand then they lose the game.

If there is a tie for the hands that are dealt between the players and the banker, then the player automatically loses thus giving the banker an advantage when it comes to playing Pai Gow Poker in a casino. Depending on the casino you choose to play at, there is sometimes a 5% commission for the house or it costs a certain amount of money when you play, win, or lose. Pai Gow poker is a longer game, and there are many pushes that can be involved while playing. This means that the house doesn’t collect 5% as often as on the other games that are played.

While playing, it is best to make the highest two card hand that you can legally. This still leaves room for a medium to high level five card hand. You can ask to have your hand set up in the house style. This minimizes confusion, and allows you to play by house rules with making mistakes. Four of the cards in the deck remain unused, even if the maximum amount of players are playing. This hand is called the “dragon hand.” In some casinos players can bet on the “dragon hand,” but generally casinos do not like to do this because you have already seen your hand, and might not have a strategy on the “dragon hand” that you have not seen. Setting the hand to the “dragon hand” might be difficult in this case, and you can pass on betting on it. Make sure to grab a position in the casino on your next visit. You might be able to defeat the dealer by trying your strategies out.

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