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Match Play 21 belongs to the Blackjack family, which is ever popular in online casinos. After players have become familiar with Blackjack they like to play Match Play 21 because it has a little twist to the game. In the game of Blackjack players are pitted against the dealer, in casinos the amount of players and decks are always different some have different table minimums as well so be sure to be aware of all those little things. Because some are not familiar with Blackjack, I’ll give some information on that game first. Players don’t play against the dealer at any point it’s just basically each player against the dealer. Each player will be dealt 2 cards face up, the dealer will also be dealt two cards face up. The aim in this game is to get closest to 21 without going over 21 points, card values are as follows.

Cards 2-10 are taken at face value
Cards Jack, Queen & Kings are 10 Points
Ace Cards are either a 1 or an 11

Some simple terminology used in Blackjack games.. To “hit” means you’re asking for another card because you have 14 or under. To “stand” means that you’re content with what you have because you’re close to 21 already and feel you can win this round. In Blackjack, players have the option to split which means that they have 2 cards that they would like to use as separate hands, in this position a player will also need to make an additional bet equal to the original bet.

So to play Match Play 21, the player will need to know about 1 major difference, this game is played with two 52 card decks, here’s the major catch – the decks have all of the 10 cards missing! This is due to the fact that it leaves more opportunity for 7’s and other cards to be drawn. Another change to the game would be that when the dealer is dealt a hard 17, hard meaning the dealer has a face card and a numbered card equal to 17, they must stand on it. The dealer also has to stand on a soft 18. Players can actually surrender cards they don’t need in this variation, unlike any other form of blackjack. In this game when players want to split their hands they can only do this 3 times throughout game play, also “blackjack” is not eligible in the game of Match Play 21 on a split hand.

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