Double Jackpot Poker

How to Play Double Jackpot Poker

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Double Jackpot Poker is another very easy variation of video poker players love this game because it’s so easy to play yet it has a couple bonus rounds to try and earn some extra money!

The highest hand attainable with Double Jackpot Poker is a Royal Flush of course, on a 5 coin deposit the player can earn 4000 coins! A great thing about this game is that the pay table is available right there in the software without having to click anything to get to it, it’s always available. To begin playing, the player will want to place their bet. On the screen they’ll see the pay table for the game showing the payout amounts based on how many coins they deposit. Under that, they’ll see the five cards that will be dealt out to them, and then three buttons bet one, deal and max bet. The maximum bet with this game is 5 coins, when the player hits this button the cards will be dealt and for convenience the 5 coin column will be highlighted so the player can see what kind of money they might be coming up on. Next the player will want to select if any, the cards they would like to hold & then hit draw. If the hand isn’t a winner, they’ll hit deal and a new round will start. When the player has a winning hand they will be asked if they would like to double or nothing? This will take the player to the bonus area of the game where 1 card will be dealt out for the dealer face up, the player’s cards will be dealt 4 in total and will be face down, the player from there will need to select one from the four down facing cards, this is tricky because in order to win the double bet, the player will need to blindly choose a card that is going to beat the dealers card! If the player wins, they’ll be asked if they want to continue playing the double bet bonus round or take their winnings and head back to the regular game!

The highest hand available with this game is a Royal Flush and with 5 coins, the player can get 4000 coins! other hands like a Straight Flush with has a max payout of 250 coins, 4 Aces with a King, Queen & A Jack amounts to a 700 payout on 5 coins. Some of the payouts here are pretty nice especially when the player chooses to double their bet & win!

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