Double Double Jackpot Poker

How to Play Double Double Jackpot Poker

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Video poker has many different variations, Double Double Jackpot Poker has 100 hands throughout the game. This variation is very different than most versions of video pokers. When the game is played, The player will want to familiarize themselves with the screen layout. To the right is where the player will be making their bests. The cards are dealt into the middle of the gaming area of the screen, on the left side the players will notice this is where the payouts are calculated. Along the bottom, the player will find their control panel to play the game. Here they will find the credit balance, bet per line, total bet, and the payout the player received.

During game play, players will need to know how the hands of the game work; The lowest hand a player can make money from is a jacks or better hand. The absolute best hand, as with all poker games is a Royal Flush.

To begin a game the player will need to choose how many coins of which amount they would like to deposit & wager on their first round. Players can use a coin as little as a penny all the way up to $1.00. When a player clicks the “bet one” button, this will deposit coins into the game 1 coin at a time. When a player clicks the “bet max” button, this will deposit 5 coins into the game, which is the maximum bet available in Double Double Jackpot Poker. Once the player is satisfied with the amount of coins to deposit, they will click the “deal” button to start their game!

The cards are dealt out & the player will be able to choose the cards they would like to hold onto. When their are cards that can form a winning hand, the software will automatically hold them for the player. If the player does not want to keep these cards, they can click each card and it will release them. The player will then hit the “draw” button. All of the held cards will be shown in the top part of the screen with the rest of the 100 hands that have been dealt. The game will deal out new cards for the game in the spaces that are left open. If the player would like to visit the payout table for Double Double Jackpot Poker, they can click on the pay table button to review how they will be paid out!

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