Double Double Bonus Poker

How to Play Double Double Bonus Poker

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There are many different variations of Video Poker, some are far more thrilling than others however for the most part, allot of the Video Poker games revolve around the same layout & game play. On the screen the players will find the pay table with all of the amounts and every different hand they could have that earns a payout from 1 coin, to 5 coins. Below that, players will find the 5 cards that are dealt to them, a bet one button, a deal button and a bet max button. On the right side players can see what coin they are working with, how many credits they’ve won, coins played and the balance they are working with.

With Double Double Bonus Poker, payouts are as follows which is based on a five coin deposit:

Royal Flush: 4000
Straight Flush: 250
4 aces + 2-4: 2000
4 2-4 + A-4: 800
4 aces + 5-K: 800
4 2-4 + 5-K: 400
4 5-K: 250
Full house: 45
Flush: 30
Straight: 20
3 of a kind: 15
Two pair: 5
Jacks or better: 5
Nothing: 0

To get started, a player will want to first make their bet, by hitting bet one as many times as they would like or by hitting bet max. The cards will then be dealt out to the player where they can choose which cards they would like to hold or discard. To hold a card, the player will want to just click each card they’d like to keep. Once they’ve held their cards they can hit draw if the player has a winning hand they are offered the chance to double their bet or just keep going. When the player decides to take the double bonus, the player will be dealt five cards, the first of the five will be facing up, this is the dealers card, the player will then be asked to choose a card of the four facing down cards. In this game, the player wants to choose a card that will be higher than the dealers face up card. If the player wins, they’ll be asked to either double and keep playing for bonuses or take the winnings from that round and head back to the regular poker game.

The lowest minimum bet with this game is $0.01 and the maximum bet is $5.00. Double Double Bonus Poker is usually found along with other Microgaming versions of Video Poker, each casino offers a different kind all with different layouts, twists & turns throughout the game. This particular version is very straight forward and doesn’t have as many turns as other variations.

Play Online at Vegas Crest