Cleopatra’s Gold

Playing Cleopatra’s Gold
One of the most common games found in both online & land based casinos are slots. Players often have a hard time choosing which slots game to play, some when looking through the wide variety of slots, will just find one that appeals to them whether it’s the theme or just the colors. Real Time Gaming presents over 70 different slots at each casino, players can download a software program packed with all of the slots along with tables, card, progressives and specialty games to find which game is the best for them. One of the top online slots games presented by Real Time Gaming is Cleopatra’s Gold. The game features a five reel structure which uses multi paylines of 25. For those unfamiliar with slots, this means that there are five reels spinning at once to help create the winning combinations.

Each different Real Time Gaming slots game offers a story, the one behind Cleopatra’s Gold dates back to centuries ago, one of the wealthiest societies was born, throughout time along the banks of the Nile, players will go through a journey to build up their wealth. Winning comes with ease at this popular game, players will learn, the longer they play the more likely they are to get one of the many bonuses & features. Players have the chance to win multipliers for winnings and even long reels of free spins! The game starts out with a minimum bet of $1 set by Real Time Gaming. Players can bet a minimum of 0.04 on all of the paylines available to achieve that $1 bet. Players can earn tons of perks while playing this game. Like most slots this one also allows the player an auto play mode where the player will just need to pick how much they would like to bet and the game will take it from there! A progressive jackpot is also available, this is neat because there is no specific winning combination, the jackpot grows & grows as more players throughout the casino join progressive slots games. Players could win up to $100,000 if they are the randomly selected player to win the progressive jackpot! Real Time Gaming offers their players many other similar slots games for their players to choose from. One of the top reasons this company has been so successful is the fact that they strive to make the gaming experience as real as possible with realistic sounds & graphics!