Bonus Poker

How to Play Bonus Poker

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Bonus Poker is a part of the Video Poker family found in many different online casinos. The gaming is very similar to Jacks or Better video poker. This variation is really good for new players because it is very straight forward and doesn’t offer too many twists. There is a bonus round of course to earn some extra money.

Players love the fact that the pay table is immediately available on the gaming screen so that players can reference it whenever they need to. The max amount of coins to be used in one round is five. During game play, the cards are shuffled after every round and the game uses a simple 52 deck of cards. Along with the pay table the player will also see the five cards that will be dealt to them, the bet buttons which include bet max, & bet one. The deal button is also easily available which converts into the draw button. Players will find that at other casinos the layout may be different. To the right of the screen, the players will see that they are using $0.05 coins, under that they’ll see the credits won box, coins played, and the balance they have deposited into this game from their casino account.

To start a game, the player will want to make their bet they can choose to use the “bet one” button and continue pressing it until they’ve reached their desired amount of coins, & then hit deal or they can just hit “bet max”. The cards will then be dealt onto the table where the player can choose to hold or discard any cards they don’t want to keep. A player can select a card by clicking on each card they would like to hold. From there the player can click “draw” which will deal out cards in the places of those the player decided to discard. If they player has a winning hand, over the payout table the player will be asked if they would like to double their bet and play a bonus round or if they would like to just keep playing the regular game. When the player enters the bonus round, the player will see that they will be dealt out 5 cards in total, one will be face up, this is the dealers card. The other four cards are the players to choose from. To win the bonus bet a player will need to select a card that will equal more than the dealer’s card. If the player wins, they’ll be asked if they want to continue making double bonus bets and playing the bonus game or if they would like to keep their winnings and head back to the regular video poker game!

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