Bonus Poker Deluxe

How to Play Bonus Poker Deluxe

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Originating from Jacks or Better, this is another variation of video poker! The difference with this game is that players will receive larger payouts with any four of a kind hand!

So, Bonus Poker Deluxe works like Jacks or Better meaning it is a draw poker game, this means that in each hand the player is dealt five cards. The player will begin with placing their bet. The game will then deal out five cards facing up to the player. The player will then choose on his own if he would like to keep some of the cards or discard them. Some of the payouts can amount up to thousands in coins! The game also includes a bonus round.

Bonus Poker Deluxe can look different from casino to casino, but typically all of them will have the same layout, at the top the player will see the payout table available for them without having to click anything which is nice, once the player has made their bet a column within that table will light up depending on how many coins they’ve decided to deposit into this game. The maximum allowable coins for this game is 5 coins per round. Under the pay table the player will see where their cards will be dealt, and under that they will see their buttons every casino will atleast have a bet one button, deal button and bet max button, some casinos will place their cash out button here & things like that. On the right side, the player will see the coin denomination they are betting, the credits they’ve won, the coins played and the balance they have deposited from their main casino account.

To star the player can click either the max bet button or bet one, the cards will deal on their own. Once the cards have appeared on the screen the player will be able to “hold” the cards they would like to keep to make their winning poker hand. To hold a card the player will need to click each card they want to keep and then click draw. If the player has a winning combination, a screen will pop up over the pay table asking the player if they would like to double their bonus or if they would like to continue playing. In the bonus round, 1 card face up will be dealt to the left side and four more cards will be dealt to the right which will be facing down, the player will then select a card they feel will result in a higher card than the dealer’s card.

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