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How to Play All American Video Poker

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All American Video Poker has been ranked as one of the top online video poker games available now. The game is brought to the players by Microgaming and Realtime Gaming, and can be found in many casinos all over the net. The largest jackpot possible is 4000 coins when a player has bet five coins and gets a Royal Flush! Players can also hit big jackpots on a Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush Straight, Three of a Kind, 2 Pair and Jacks or Better. The game uses a regular deck containing 52 cards in total, each round the deck is shuffled before and after each game, in the game of All American Video Poker, there are no wild cards as opposed to some other forms of video poker.

To get started playing All American Video Poker, the player will click the plus or minus signs to rise or lower the size of their bet, they can also click an icon that says “bet one” which will increase the amount of coins the player would like to deposit by 1 coin each time. When a player clicks “bet max” this will make a maximum bet for the player. The next step is to hit “deal”. The player will receive five cards in total, where they will then need to decide which cards to hold and which to discard, to select the cards you would like to keep, you can click each individual card & then hit the “draw” button.

In some cases the player might want to “double” this means when they have a winning hand, they’ll be dealt four cards face down and the dealer’s cards face up. Players can then click a down facing card, if it’s more than the dealer’s card, they’ll win double the amount they would have normally won!

Also keep in mind, when playing in auto play mode, a player will not need to decide which cards to keep and which cards to hold, the game will play by it’s self based on the best strategy available to keep the best cards the only thing the player will need to control is the wager. This is a great option for beginners because they will be able to see the outcome of some of the best cards without having to think about which ones they’d like to keep.

The game of All American Poker is very straight forward and is a good beginners game only because it doesn’t have alot of twists & hoops to go through it’s just video poker however, those who like a little excitement may outgrow this game quickly.

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