Gambling Right – Three Card Poker

How to Gamble the Right Way in Three Card Poker
Three card poker is one of the simplest games you can find inside a casino. From the name alone, you can derive that you will be dealt three cards and the same goes with the dealer. The nature of the game is to have the best poker hand that will win over the other’s hand. All of the basic rules of the conventional poker apply to this game. All except the fact that a straight beats a flush since the former is much harder to have than the latter. If you have played poker in the past, then you will find this one very manageable and easy-to-win. Nevertheless, for beginners, it is always important to know the different strategies one can use in playing the three card poker.

The first thing you should take not is of course the different rounds of this game. Although the game follows the same set of rules as the conventional poker, it doesn’t mean that the mechanism of the two is equally the same. In three card poker, there is the pair plus game and the ante/play game. You must first understand the nature of the two in order for you to make it to any of them or to conquer both of them. Be sure to understand how each game is being played so that you can use the succeeding strategies hassle-free.

In the pair plus game the house edge is fairly low; hence, playing this game is already in itself a good strategy. In this round, the house rules and the pay-outs will be displayed or listed in each table. It is important that you know which of these you are looking for. For quality gaming in this round, lookout for a value that is close to or similar to the pay-outs listed. This will provide you the under-3% house advantage.

On the other hand, the real strategist round falls on the ante/play round. Compared to the pair plus game which has very few perks and strategies to use, the ante/play game lets you decide whether you are to raise your wager or not once you have seen your cards. When this happens, you need to focus on two things right away: if the dealer qualified to play and if he does can your hand beat his? The basic rules state that in order for the dealer to qualify he must have at least a queen or a higher valued card. The best thing you can do in this situation is to ponder on your own cards. If you have a queen, then you can surely bet on this round, if you don’t then you must, by all means, consider folding.

The thing about three card poker is it actually has the simplicity of the conventional poker and the complexity of its own mechanism. Despite the fact that you can play this game like how you would play poker, your chances of winning is actually limited to the three cards in your hand. Of course you can still use your poker strategies in this game; however, it might be very different once you are in an actual game. Therefore, it is very important that you must first understand the nature of the two facets of this game: the pair plus and the ante/play. Furthermore, it is of equal importance that you focus on the ante/play game since it is trickier than the other. Once you have followed these strategies, you might be surprised how easy and fast you will be to land on your first win in three card poker.