The 5 Different Types of Slot Games

Types of Slots

To date, there are five different types of slots available in various casinos today. Below is a brief description of each:

Single Line/ 3 Reel Slots – this type of slots literally got its name from the fact that it has 3 reels. The “single line” refer to the idea that when a pattern has been reached, they appear as though the symbols are filed in a single horizontal line. Any combination of three similar items will correspond to a certain jackpot prize or a corresponding payout. In addition to this, the game also involves bonus rounds, where players can even get a chance to win bigger prizes. The bonus round is usually triggered by a certain combination. For example that combination has been achieved by the player, he will proceed to a separate window where the bonus round awaits. The bonus round is very different from the game however, since it often makes use of a box, a wheel, or more commonly a button. By using any of these things, one may unlock special prizes of the 3-reel slots.

Multi-line Slots – Simply put, multi-line slots mean many added feats to the three-reel slot. The catch is that players can now enjoy more ways to win the jackpot prize since this machine can cater to multiple lines or pay-lines. One can not only delight over the game’s typical prizes, he may also enjoy countless of other special prizes that are in store in this type of slots. The machine may be a 5-reel or a 9-reel machine, since the number of reels correspondingly increases to the increment in the number of pay-lines available.

Bonus Slots and Bonus Video Slots – the standard form of video slots involves 3 rows with 5 reels. The unique thing about this type is the fact that a matching combination in the first three reels will automatically lead one to a winning whilst a combination at the last three reels do not. Another thing that is remarkable about this type is it offers free spins as well as bonus rounds. The free spins option is stimulated by 3 or more combinations of scatter symbols. Scatter symbols are combination patterns that do not necessarily mean a winning line. On the other hand, bonus rounds are triggered in a different manner. Players who have consecutively won a couple of rounds in the game may enter a bonus round where he is given a chance to win bigger jackpot prizes.

iSlots – before you even conclude that iSlots is an app for an iPhone, you better think twice. ISlots is actually a slang for an interactive slots game. This type of slots more often than not come in multi-reel, multi-line forms that are even enhanced and developed by their thrilling and exciting additional features. This type is called interactive since it involves a unique storyline that players can enjoy whilst placing their bets, playing for the win, and even harvesting their winnings. The gaming tensions is even heightened by the idea that one needs to accomplish the game in order for him to find out the ending of the storyline.

Megaclusters™ Slots – if you’re looking for something truly unique, Megaclusters™ Slots are on a level of their own. The idea behind this software is to take the typical cluster pay slot, and add even more variables to enhance the excitement and make for an even more entertaining gaming experience.

Fruit Machines/ Pub Slots – this type refers to the European version of 3-reel slots. The game is called as such since the symbols found in the machine are primarily composed of fruits. The games in this type contain a variety of features. These fruit machines are very entertaining not merely because they make use of a novel set of symbols, but because they are easy to navigate and use all the same. Players will definitely get caught up in the idea of landing on the perfect combination line that is made up of their favorite fruit. In addition, fruit machines are also referred to as pub slots since they are the most common type of slots found in pubs and certain gambling arenas.