Slot Machine Strategies

General Strategies

Although the game in itself is quite simple, there are still ways and strategies that professional gamblers have devised in order for it to become even simpler and for players to enjoy successive rounds of winning and beating the odds. Therefore, a slot strategy may come in handy if used appropriately.

Since there are different types of slot machines, it is safe to say that the strategies that may be used in one cannot be quite successful if used in the other. It can be noted however that there are actually two types of slot strategies: 5 coin slot strategy and 3 coin slot strategy.

The 5 coin slot strategy is composed of: naked pull, loss limits, and umbrella strategy.

Naked Pull is a term that can be translated as “nothing has been pulled” or to not win a thing. This is done by observing the period or the number of loses one has gained from a certain slot machine. If the losing period has been very long enough, the machine is called a cold machine; hence the player must go find a different one and start anew.

Loss Limits is a strategy that refers to the initiative of the person in preventing a great loss over a game. This means that one should keep an eye on his spending for the bets he has made. Keeping track of his wagers will not only promote better gaming, but this will also prevent him from incurring an unnecessary hole in the pocket.

Umbrella Strategy is a technique where a player must work from smaller bets then work their way to bigger ones. However, once the max coins has been reached, the player must work back down to the base again and repeat the cycle.

The 3-coin strategies are chicken strategy, squirrel strategy, up the steps, 3 star strategy and patterns.

Chicken Strategy is a simple technique that refers to the literal chickening out. Once the player has won the jackpot prize, he may chicken out and end the game quickly so that he can leave with all his winnings and not worry about losing them again after a round or two.

Squirrel Strategy is a simple strategy that is called as such since the player is expected to behave like a squirrel. He must save something for the rainy days; thus, he is expected to spare some of his money, credits, and winnings, and not merely use all of them for the succeeding rounds.

Up the Steps is perhaps the most widely used strategy. This is done by starting the game with the minimal bet required then start to increase along the way once the pay back has been realized. Players are expected to plan ahead and follow a careful plan of action in order for them to remain at the top.

3 Star Strategy is a technique that makes use of the naked numbers and not the naked pulls incurred by the player. The naked numbers must comprise thirty to fifty per cent of the gambling series in order for the slot to be deemed fair and functional. If not, the player must go for a different machine.

Patterns is a strategy that is perhaps the easiest to follow yet quite confusing to be realized. The player must simply choose from all the possible betting patterns and use any of their choice whilst betting in the slot series.

Once any of these strategies have been utilized correctly, one may surely enjoy not only a round of sure-fire winnings but a lifetime of quality slot machine gambling. Nevertheless, one must always remember that moderation is still the key to a successful endeavor. So one must first ensure to himself that he is enjoying the game more than anything and not merely play it in excess just so he can win what he intends to achieve.