How to Play Slot Machines

That Exciting Game Called Slots
Slots are generally recognized as the most popular gambling contraptions ever developed. Most of the time, not only do professional gamblers enjoy playing these machines but also beginners who readily appreciate the simplicity and beauty of such a unique game. But what are slots and how does one win while playing slots? Moreover, is there really a more appropriate way to play with this device? And if so, can this guarantee entry to the fast-paced, yet high-paying world of slot machines? Despite all these meandering questions, it is quite amazing how slots have become the easiest game to understand and perhaps the fastest game to learn. However, many people may not know it, but this game has the worst kind of odds that one must to conquer in order to win. Although playing the game is as quick, easy, and simple as pressing a button, the game has the highest house edge making it quicker for the player to lose their money in the long run.

In simplest terms, slot is actually a slang used to refer to the slot machine (also called fruit machine, the slots, poker machine, or pokies). Interestingly the machine is also referred to as “one-armed bandits” due to the fact that its original form makes use of a lever instead of a button and because it has a marvelous ability to leave every gamer penniless after a round or two. Nevertheless, as the age of modernization dawn on man, a few changes have been incorporated to the slot machine. While the original form of the contraption made use of three reels only, modern-day models now have as many as five reels. In addition to this, there is also the obvious upgrade of the lever at the side of the machine into a plain button in front of the device. All of these changes not only paved the way to better feedback from players but they are also the main reasons why the game became even more popular than before. What makes slots a crowd-favorite is the fact that they are extremely uncomplicated. One is simply required to press the button and wait for the results. In addition, another thing that makes the game interesting is the fact that there is an equal cycle of odds for every spin. Thus, this ensures that every round runs at a very random fashion, with all numbers on each reel having equal chance to appear.

History of Slots
Historically speaking, the first ever slot machine developed was a plain contraption called the Liberty Bell, which was designed and made by Charles Fey, a car mechanic, in 1895 in San Francisco. The machine was designed to only accommodate three spinning reels. The first symbols used were diamonds, spades, and hearts, with the addition of a cracked Liberty Bell. A result of three Liberty Bells will give one the biggest prize; thus, the machine was called as such by many players. Since the machine was created to cater to the gambling needs of the players, the machine would give out some of the biggest prizes in every gambling arena. Many years after, the original contraption called Liberty Bell is still well-preserved and it can be found at the Liberty Belle Saloon & Restaurant which is situated at Reno, Nevada. On the other side of the note, Charles fey continued crafting slot machines. As a matter of fact, other models he created also gained much attention. The successors of the Liberty Bell include Draw Power, Three Spindle, and the Klondike. It can also be noted that Fey was the one who invented the trade check separator, a device that detects fake nickels from genuine ones. Fey found his stable living just by simply putting all of his machines for rent to some of the biggest casinos during his time.

It was very fortunate that all of Fey’s machines draw much attention from gamblers from all walks of life. However, since other casinos became very interested in the machines, they tried to purchase the rights to the Liberty Bell, but Fey didn’t accept the offers, for he was already content with his tie-up casino partners. It was for this very reason that in 1907, Herbert Mills created a rip-off version of Liberty Bell. Herbert Mills was a Chicago arcade machine manufacturer. What he did was simply observe how the machine work and came up with his own version called the Operator Bell. To make his own version more interesting, he incorporated other symbols to the machine including: lemons, plums, and cherries all the same. Finally, it was only many years after, in 1975, by which the first electronic slot machine was developed. The Fortune Coin Company was the first company to come up with a modern-day model of the machine.

Rules for Slots
As mentioned previously, the mechanics of the game is quite simple. For one, it only takes a press on the button in order to find out if one has a chance in winning a certain round. The first thing that one must do in playing slots is to choose the type of slot machine he wants to play on. There are basically two types of machines: 3-reel and 5- cater to slots. Then, he must also choose the number of pay-lines of the game. Many people select their slot machine based on the amount of prize they are capable of giving. This refers to the ratio of the winnings to a single coin bet wagered by the player. Generally, a slot machine runs on a five-coin bet. A player may enjoy playing slots by simply betting five cents per round. Still there are other machines that cater to players who wager on nickels, quarters, dimes, and even a whole dollar. Once the player is done choosing for all of these preferences, he may start the game by pressing the button of the machine, or for other models, pulling the bar at the side of the contraption. If the player lands on a good combination then he is bound to receive a prize. One must take note however that the prize for every combination varies depending on the casino. It is the main goal of every player to land on good combinations that will lead them to either a jackpot prize or a progressive jackpot option.

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