Pai Gow Poker Strategy

Developing the Right Strategy for Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is not at all your typical poker. In fact, it doesn’t have the same rules as the conventional one. A lot of players complain about how this game tends to be tricky. However, little do they know that with the right strategy, they can actually overcome this game and bring home the jackpot. If you are planning on conquering this game, having a strategy is a must. But, you must first understand that in Pai Gow Poker, a strategy could mean several things. You must know them each in order for you to not only take bets on your chances but also to take chances on your bets.

The first thing you should notice in this game is how the casino plays the dealer’s card. More often than not, players neglect this concept and simply go with the flow like caveat emptor. Generally speaking, the dealer is playing the house way. Since he is playing in this manner, you should put into major consideration how to go about this manner of playing. The house way may vary from one casino to the other, but they still have the same common rules. If you know these rules, then you are actually on your way to winning.
The house way simply refers to the following rules: the cards from 2 to 6 are considered as the low cards, the cards from 7 through 10 are the medium cards, and the remaining cards are regarded as the high cards. Now, though these rules seem to be very easy to follow, their application could get tricky than you can ever imagine. When a dealer has two low or medium pairs, he will most likely split the pairs and put the low cards in his lower hand. If he has one high pair and one low pair, he will surely put the low pair on the 2 card hand unless he has an ace. Finally, if he has a medium pair and a high pair, it’s a given that he would split them. To anticipate these will secure you the chances of beating the dealer and the same goes for the house.

Another strategy involves straights and flushes. When the dealer gets a straight, flush, or a combination of both, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will use the pattern against you. There are instances where he knows how to break this pattern and simply beat you cunningly. If he has a aces or any other pair with these patterns, he will surely use the low pair in his low hand. if he has a high pair, he will surely split it up. Also, if he has an ace and two pairs, he will use the ace and another high card in his low hand. Be sure to be ready when any of these things happens.

Finally, the best strategy is for you to volunteer yourself as the banker whenever possible. Although this may require you to play against multiple hands, you have the advantage of winning on a copy hand. This will also mean that the house will only take 5% commission after your winnings and loses are combined. However, you should also put in mind that the main objective here is not merely for these things to work for you but for you to win both hands in every round.
Pai Gow Poker is indeed a tricky game. More than you can ever imagine, it has the ups and downs similar to any other type of game. The key is for you to be ready whenever a new trick comes along. Always be in the know of the possible ways by which the dealer may alter the game in his favor. And, whenever possible, secure the banker’s role. These strategies will surely help you not only conquer a single round but the many more rounds to come.