Learning the Basics of Keno
Keno is deemed as both a thrilling casino game and a relaxing diversion. Many players who play Keno simply play it as a delightful pastime. Undeniably, the game is frequently mistaken as lotto because of its resemblance to the latter. The most identical feat of both games is the fact that players get to win a large sum of money or jackpot out of their relatively small bets. This is also seen as one of the reasons why people play the game: its affordable betting system that opens the doors to winning big time cash prizes. Furthermore, since both games could accommodate a large number of players, it is not surprising that people find them entertaining as a means of bonding. With all these very promising feats and perks, keno is surely the ideal game for casino beginners.

The Story Behind the Game
Keno’s roots can be traced from the Chinese people. Similar to Pai Gow, the game has been developed as a form of diversion. However, because of its simple gameplay, the Chinese couldn’t help but incorporate a thrilling feat to make it even more tempting. They have decided to put jackpots and prizes at stake in every round of the game. Hence, the Chinese used certain ornaments, weaponry, objects, and materials as jackpots to winners of the game.

Later, some of these ancient Chinese fled to the Americas to work as immigrants. During breaks and certain times of the day, they would play Keno as a form of recreation. The Americans became curious about it, and soon enough even played it more than the Chinese do. In the 18802, the game was officially introduced in gambling casinos. However, instead of offering ornaments, China ware, and other stuff as prizes, the Americans opted to put money as prize to winners. With this came the wide patronage of the masses, and thus began the popularity of Keno.

The Setting of the Game
There is a specific gambling area, the so-called keno lounge, where keno players are advised to stay during the game. However, it is also acceptable if a player wishes to stay outside the lounge. Some players are even found in drinking halls or in almost every corner of the casino. This is made possible by so-called “Keno runner,” who simply collects the players’ tickets and they also claim the prizes on behalf of the players. The players, on the other hand, can simply delight themselves with the game by looking at the monitors casinos provide all over the place.

It is not at all surprising how some people confuse keno for lotto, since they basically have the same setup. The game is played with a barrel at the center of the gaming area. The barrel contains exactly 80 balls that are numbered from 1 to 80. Only one presenter is seen near the barrel, he is in charge of drawing the balls from it. Keno board markers are found at the sides of the gaming area. They mark the drawn numbers on the board so that players can readily check them. Bot outside and inside keno players are provided with keno tickets. Each player has all the right to obtain as many tickets as he wants to. They are also provided with markers or keno crayons for them to use in marking their tickets.

The Mechanism of the Game
Prior to the official start of the game, keno players are requested to obtain their tickets. They are to mark the numbers on the tickets which they think will appear in the draw. He may choose to mark at least 4 figures but no more than 10 of them. Each number is called a spot, hence if the player chooses four figures, he is said to play a 4-spot game. The marked tickets will then be retrieved by the clerk at the keno lounge desk or the keno runner if applicable. After a few moments, the player will receive a copy of his marked ticket. This is to make sure that he has not changed or altered the spots he has marked. The round will then commence when the presenter begins the draw. He is to draw out 20 balls for each round. If the player’s marked numbers coincide with any of the 20, he wins. If not, he loses on the said round alone.

The Pay-out System
A player may choose to wager as much as he wants to with a minimum of either 5 cents or 1 dollar, depending on the rules of the casino. Keno brochures, which contain the pay-off system information and the ticket options, are on stand-by at the keno lounge desk for one to borrow and use. Prizes and jackpots primarily depend on the type of ticket one is using and the number of spots he has chosen. Starting from the minimal wager which could either be at 5 cents or at 1 dollar, a player can actually get the chance to bring home $50,000. The prize then increases in relation to the wager. And, this is more than enough reason for everyone to indulge to this exciting casino game.