Targeting the Jackpot – Casino War

Targeting the Jackpot in Casino War

Casino War is perhaps the simplest game in the entire casino. If you have played the simple card game war as a kid, then it is almost a given that you will find casino war a delight. Casino war has the same set of rules as the simple kid’s game. Interestingly, despite its simplicity, it is very surprising to know that its house edge is not at all that big. However, it is a fun and inviting game for gamblers who easily get intimidated by gambling games with complex rules and strategies and those require a lot of time to master.

The game is very simple as stated earlier, that is why the different strategies in winning it only take part when one is in the midst of choosing between surrendering and going to war. Once you are in this scenario ad if you chose to surrender, then automatically you forfeit half of your bet. If you chose to go to war, you must put a second bet to what you have initially wagered. The dealer will then burn three cards and deal another card to you and to himself. After which, your hands are pitted against each other for the win.

The first strategy to take note the tie side bet. This enables you to make an additional bet. This bet is intended to win if there is an occurrence of a tie. This pays 10:1, but this simply undervalues the chance of a tie and is designed primarily to increase the house edge. Although it clearly is one way to secure a win, most players do not resort to this type of strategy because it is deemed as a sucker bet since the chances of having a tie decreases proportionally with the number of decks used.

Another strategy you can use is the double tie bonus. In doing this strategy however, you must first find out if the casino you are playing in honors this type of bet. This strategy only happens when there is a second tie or a double tie. Some casinos will give you the option to do this bet in order for you to win even money on both your bets and even raise it in case of a double tie. This surely gives you more chances of winning big although having a double tie is most likely rare.

Finally, the last strategy is for you to focus on the game. Since casino war is an easy game, it has the tendency to be fast. Players who do not think quickly, more often than not, end up losing before they could even anticipate the possibility of winning. As much as possible be on the lookout for your chances of winning once you have decided to go to war. Be sure to focus your attention in your cards as they are your only key to conquering the game. Also, make the necessary measures if there is a chance of having a tie or a double tie.

Casino war is a very common game. Players around the world recommend this one to beginners and first-time gamblers. Its simplicity is without a doubt the thing that makes it conquerable. Nevertheless, in the same manner you are pitted against a real war, casino war may also bring out the worst and best for you. Applying any of the time-tested strategies will help you make it through every step of the way. They will serve as your armour in the war that is about to happen.