Casino War

Learning the Basics of Casino War
Casino war is a game that is famously known to be a classy and upscale casino ramble. For the benefit of the people who have never heard of this game, it is not at all a literal war, but a fun and exciting casino game with a quite unique gameplay and experience. However, the game really lives up to its name because players rage war against each other just so they can beat as many cards as possible from the other party. With this mechanism, players have devised strategies to end up in a win-win situation. But let’s face it, not everyone has the right strategy to conquer the game, let alone gather all of the cards. After all, the secret to winning is playing the game using the most precise basic principles.

The Story Behind the Game
The origin of casino war can be traced to an ancient pastime game which is simply called “war.” The game was originally designed for two players. Each of them would be receiving a stack of cards amounting to half of one deck. Each player will try to beat as many cards as possible from the other with the main goal of winning over half of the remaining deck. A few years later, casino gamblers discovered this game and developed it to cater to multiplayers. To do this, casinos simply added more decks to the game, and have them divided equally to the number of participating players equally. Nonetheless, the gameplay was retained.

The Setting of the Game

Casino war could be simply played in any type of table. There isn’t a limit to the number of decks to be used in the game, as some casinos increase its number in relation to the number of gamblers who are playing for the round. However, most casinos have already standardized the number of decks to be used in the game into five. A shuffling machine is to shuffle the decks continuously every round for the entire duration of the game. There are wagering circles on the table. Players are expected to place their bets on the circle that lies in front of them. Only a single dealer is seen on the playing table area. He is the sole in-charge of the entire game.

The Mechanism of the Game
At the beginning of the game, the dealer will hand out cards to each player face-up. He also gets to have one card for himself. Then, everyone will put their bets on the wagering circles hoping that their cards beat the dealer’s. If the player card is higher than the dealer’s, he wins. On the other hand, if the dealer has a higher card than that of the player, he wins and the player automatically loses. Each winner will receive equal number of chips to the ones they have wagered.

Generally viewed, casino war is a simple game with very simple gameplay. While many players think this is so; they actually have underestimated the game, for, in real sense, the game is actually trickier than it looks and sounds. Nonetheless, the tricky part only arises when there is a tie. In any case where the player and the dealer get a tie, the next round of the game is actually a double gamble for the player. Before the tie occurred, the game is said to break-even, which means if the player wins or loses, he holds the right to change the value of his bet. On the other hand, when a tie happens, the player is expected to double his bet for the following round. This simply means that he is wagering two bets in just a single round. The tricky part doesn’t end there. If the player wins, the dealer will only pay him for his single bet earlier and not the double bet. Through this alone, one can see that the player has the downside of losing two bets over a single round ad winning a single bet over his supposed double bet. However, the player also has the option of surrendering half of his bet and forgoing the war.

While the double bet round may be very tricky, casino war offers a sublime option in the form of a separate incentive for a tie wager. The tie wager is only possible and allowed during the first round of the game. When the player and the dealer lands on a tie at the very first round, the player automatically wins a 10 to 1 payoff. Tie wager is a very promising way to start the game.

The Values of the Cards

  • The game is not particular in terms of the suit; it basically weighs the cards based on their face values with aces as the highest-ranking cards.