How to become an online casino affiliate

Becoming an online casino affiliate is a great way to earn extra money in your spare time, with a little knowledge of the Internet, you can start earning revenue with no (or very little) start up costs.

What you will need to get started is a domain name, web site and some content. Next you will need to get deep into the art of Internet marketing. You want to create a brand (web site recognition), and get it out to as many people as you can.

Start with the resources you already know and have, facebook, youtube and anywhere you may post where people may see. That is the basics of it but I will break it down into a few steeps to make it easier.

Build a web site
Building is easy, and can be free or very cheap. You can get a domain name from godaddy for about $8 a year, and hosting for about $40 a year. The domain and hosting fees are the only fees you may need to pay if you do not already have a web site, and they are well worth it. After you have set up your domain name and connected it to your hosting account, you can download wordpress for free: to create a free web site.

Now that your site is all set up and looks great, you will want to add some content to your site. This content should be quality and helpful to the user. Your content may include a guide to online casino bonus codes, or how to play games. The content part is 100% up to you, and the most important part of the process.

Top Affiliate Programs

Now that your web site is set up, with quality content on it, you will need to sign up with an affiliate program or two. This is how you will make your money, and this steep is also 100% free. All you do is place the affiliate programs casino links on your web site, and when a user clicks on one of the links they are tracked from your site to the casino. When that user signs up and makes a deposit at the online casino, you get the credit for that deposit.

Now most online casinos will give you at least a 25% revenue share option, this means that everything the casino makes from the players you send, you will get 25%. This percentage will be for the lifetime of the player, so if the player comes back and deposits once a month for 12 months, you get 25% of all earnings on every deposit.

Now once you get a base of return players playing, this starts to add up and become a stable income. Say you have 5 players each deposit $100 in a month, you will earn $125 for that month. Now if you are lucky, some players deposit and play up to $10,000 in one sitting, that’s $2,500. If you have a few high rollers mixed with a large amount of return players you can make an unlimited income. One very good online casino program is Vista Gaming Affiliates. Vista Gaming Affiliates accepts USA online casino players and offers a total of 4 different casinos to promote.

The last and ongoing steep is to advertise your web site every place you see fit. Article directories, facebook, youtube, forums and in related web site comments is a great start. Some youtube videos can drive instant traffic to your site, as well as your facebook friends.

Armed with the above knowledge you are now ready to become an online casino affiliate.